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Celestia Story Game

May 28, 2009
Ok i know i just posted but i thought of a fun game. Everybody will write a paragraph following the next thing what Celestia plot will be. Each ending with a cliff hanger. Keep going until there is an ending. I will start ( this is not the plot i came up with earlier, i came up with this randomly )

A ghost appears after you talk to ambrose. Nobody else seem to notice the girl is there. She seems to smile, but then disappears. You ask ambrose if you he saw her, but he says no. On the ground you find a sea shell key. You put the key into the spiral and see the girl standing there. All of a sudden you seem to fade...

Mar 19, 2009
You enter Celestia through a vortex, the girl shoes you the battles going on there between the Titan Army and the Tritons. The world of the ocean is under attack though Malistare is defeated that has not stopped the army. Malistare appears explaining how he never ment any harm, and how the Titan Lord took over his body and made him go crazy. He explains the plans of the Titan Lord and how they plan to destroy the storm school because they are the main fighters...

Jul 18, 2009
You take the students of Storm to a safe place in Krokotopia, deep in the escavation sites, where the Titan army will hopefully never find them.
Halston Balestrom also hides the Storm School building down with the students, so they can still learn magic.
After that, you head to Thundarus, the capital city of Celestia after the mysterous girl, who's name is Sorevene, tells you, Find Foshus the triton in Thundarus, and help him...
You travel through underwater glass tubes until you reach Thundarus, and then, seeing Foshus, you run toward him.
"Help us!' Foshus gurgles, gripping his trident nervously, "the Titan army are stationed in the ground under the sea, and they are climbing in through the botttom of Thundarus; please, go and stop them!"
You battle the Titan army (sea elementals, storm sharks, evil tritons) until you defeat Delus Moncarez, the Titan army general.
You report your success to Foshus.
"Good work!" he says.
"Now travel to Occeani Park, to the east, and help my colleague Deccia there...I've heard there's more trouble over there than there is here..."

Jun 06, 2009
to let malistaire regain his tangibility so he can call off the army, you need 3 talismans, each held by a boss. the way to each boss is thru the chamber of the last one. the way to the first boss is thru a winding path full of traps, which land u in a battle if u spring them (and theyre hard to avoid). after beating the first boss, a giant doorway appears. u enter, only to find urself at the entrance of a giant maze....

Mar 27, 2009
Malistaire and you are then attack by a member of the Titon Army. You managed to flee with the help of Malistaire, who sacrificed himself to tell you directions to one of the most safest spots in Celestia, the Triton's main city, and to destroy the member and rest in peace at the same time. When you get there, helped by the girl, you talk to the guard. He tells you they need you to help them.

May 24, 2009
Mar 19, 2009
Ambrose appears as a hologram and listens to the army. He sends you to find the Titan Lord and defeat him. But Malistare does not let you go he says "The Titan Lord knew this would happen what he doesn't know is that Ambrose" he points a finger to the hologram"is going to help us along with all of the wizards in Wizard City defeat his stupid army." He says brilliantly glad he could HELP for once. I saw the training that went into this and they are weaker then a box of crackers." He pats his belly as if starving.

Meanwhile down at the storm base located next to the balance school Haleston Balestorm had a brilliant idea and sends his strongest students of to the tomb of Storms. Three students go through the area easily and reach a crystal with a stand below saying "Underground tunnel to Celestia the power of Celestia is held in this crystal." The students take the crystal run back to the base. (If you are a storm wizard your storyline takes place here) Haleston calls you in the bravest most powerful wizard of them all. A storm wizard too. Haleston and you sap the electric power out of the crystal and into all of the students.

You all get sent to Celestia where you must defeat the Titan Army which now isn't storm...

Jul 18, 2009

The Titan Army leaks from Celestia to Wizard City, still thinking the Storm School is there.
Lord Varken, the head of the Titan Army, gets so mad that the Storm students and school are not there, he decides to destroy all of Ravenwood!
All students of Ravenwood are under seige and their numbers are going down fast.
Ravenwood needs a hero!
But also, deep in the oceans of Celestia, half of the Ttan Army still remains, destroying all the cities.
After a while, Lord Varken regains his control and goes back to Celestia, leaving much of Wizard City dfeated.
The sky over Wizard City turns as black as ebony, and the schools are being destroyed.
But in these dark times, Celestia is in more need of your wizard powers than Ravenwood.
Through the waters, you travel to Occeani park and talk to the triton Deccia.
"We need help!" says Deccia.
"The Titan Army is quickly destroying Occeani park.
Our men are fighting this evil, but we hid our wives and children in a chamber deep in the ocean, but from rumors going around, I hear the Titan Army is currently stationed in the bottom of the ocean, very close to where the women and children are hiding.
How foolish of me to hide them right there, in the clutches of the enemy!
There is no way to contact them, and I fear the Titan army may march in on them at any moment; please go check on them."
Following his instructions, you head down a series of passageways until you find the abandoned storage room where the women and children were supposed to be held.
You open the door.
No one is there.
"Hello?" you shout, looking to see if there are any side chambers on the walls, and you kick, pound, push, and pull on the walls to see if there are any hdden doors.
Suddenly, a gleaming golden light catches your eye.
You pick up the a shattered piece of a golden badge, the source of the golden light.
The badge reads:

Lord Var...
Titan Ar....
That is all you can read, for it is only about a fourth of the shattered badge, but you know it must be Lord Varken, Titan Army.
They must have had a fight down here you think, observing the scratched and battered walls and pieces of fabric lying on th ground.
Lord Varken kidnapped the women and children! you realize.
You must save them!
You head down the chamber opposite the way you came, for that must be where they are being held.
You soon find yourself entangled ina maze of corridors, leading every which way.
But, for some reason feeling confident, you take the right corridor, awaiting whatever comes next.

Mar 27, 2009
I just noticed after sending in mine this has gotten out of wack! I post my paragraph after the second one was the currently last one. Then I seee a whole bunch of posts bout different plots.

Mar 19, 2009
diablo1008 wrote:
And everyone is defeated and happy, THE END!

Not so quickly dude the plot has just begun...

Jul 18, 2009
You travel through eerie corridors, and finally defeat the boss who is holding the women and children hostage.
"Thank you!" says a child triton, "You've saved us!"
You guide them all to a safer place, and go back to Deccia.
'I just noticed something!" he says, "Our crystal has been stolen!"
"The crystal is the only thing that made Celestia a happy, peaceful place, an we need it back!"
Go collect clues from those Corrupted Crabs roaming around...you'll be doing us all a favor at the same time by lessening the enemy's numbers."
You defeat crabs and find a scroll rolls to the ground when one is defeated
"Good, a scroll.....It depicts that 4 Titan army generals each hold a shard of crystal, and with them all, I think...the crystal shall be restored!" says Deccia.
You defeat the bosses to gain the crystals, and heave all the shards to Deccia, gasping and sweatin as you carry them.
The last boss says as he dies, "The shards won't do anything for pathetic Celestia...you still need one more ingredient....which is already destroyed....hahaha...."
You put all the pieces together and they form a perfect crystal, and you tell Deccia about the crystal's last ingredient.
"Of course!" exclaims Deccia, slapping his forehead,"We still need the most important part, the Crystal Heart!"
"If it has been destroyed, there is only one extra in the whole Spiral...King Carabbus in Crabolia Palace has the last one...go speak with him."
You travel accross Celestia, showing the gaurds at the front gate a Triton Pass that Deccia gave you, and they open the doors, revealing a vast throne room, where the Triton King sits on an abolone throne.
You tell him that Celestia needs the crystal heart, and he says, weeping,"My daughter has been abducted by the enemy...I care about her more than anything else...even the destruction of Celestia."
"I shall make you an offer... return my daughter to me and I shall give you the Crystal Heart."

Jun 14, 2009
right then storm students are teleported to wizard city. merle ambrose
tells you that the titan lord was destroyed. you think merlle ambrose looks a lot younger. he even talks younger. you look outside gamma isnt there. you ask merle where he is. he asks who gamma is. you run to ravenwood it is
very sunny. you notice the death school is there. you run to rainbow bridge. you look under the waterfall. the door isnt there. you look for prospector zeke. he isnt there. you ask if anyone knows where he is. everyone asks who he is. you go to ravenwood again. there is a crowd there. you push through the crowd. you look at the ground. there are symbols of a sun a moon and a star. they start to glow. three people are there. they are wearing the symbols. you ask them their names. they say they dont know. one of them has a grin on their face. you ask what they are. the person who grinned through a rock at you. one of them threw a star at you and one of them the threw afireball at you. you run away..........

Jun 14, 2009
lord varkens voice is heard all over wizard city. hose three peoople ran inside bartelby. you chase them. they jump inside the portal to marleybone.
you decide to follow them. you jump into the portal. the titan army set a trap on the door. it sends you to celestia. you end up next to lord varken. edoesnt notice you. you run to deccia. she asks who deccia is. you know you went back in time. you look at celestia. you ask the lady if there is a way to go to the future. she says no. you run to a corner and begin to cry. you look at the sky. it is turning black. the titan army fell down. you start to battle them.............