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Celestia Boss!

Nov 08, 2009
I go an idea for a celestia boss. In Dragonspyre we had Malistare. In Celestia we have his angry spirit to deal with!

Jun 09, 2009
nah it should be more like, a crab named The giant crab.
(this note is kinda long so you can skip if you want)
stats, school: storm
strongest spell: storm lord ( any other ideas from people would be nice)
Health: 20,000 (since it is a world for players that beat malistaire quest)
resist: 50%
drops: lvl 60 school robes

the giant crab will have 2 weaker bosses (6,000 health each) helping him.
he will be at the end of a short dungeon.
the dungeon will have 2 bosses ypu have to kill before the giant crab and 2 OPTIONAL bosses. the 2 optional bosses will drop lvl 60 gear ( school only gear, bosses drop all school lvl 60 gear a unique item for each school).
the first OPTIONAL boss should be named the lazy crab and he drops lvl 60 hats.
the second OPTIONAL boss is named mr. crab that drops lvl 60 boots.

health: 8,000::school: ice:: resist: 40%::strongest spell: frost giant.

health: 8,000::school: myth::resist:40%::strongest spell: orthrus/earthquake.

(time for the 2 bosses that you have to kill before the main boss)(these bosses dont have minions)

first boss: picky crab
health:10,000::school: fire::resist: 45%::strongest spell fire dragon

second boss: death crab
health: 10,000::school: death(duh)::resist: 45%::strongest spell: scarecrow

( now time to talk about the giant crabs helpers)( they have same name and stats at least :D)

giant crabs minions names: red crab
health: 8,000::school: fire( once again duh)( they are red)::resist: 45%:: strongest spell:: helephant.(phew it would be bad if they did double dragon right)( XD )

and thats all thanks for those who read. (if you did read thanks for hearing my ideas)

Feb 12, 2009
In addition to what spikey462 said we should have it like with the war oni and stuff in mu shu.........once you kill giant crab, malistaire should summon as a ghost but even more powerful...........

Apr 24, 2010
relma2 wrote:
I go an idea for a celestia boss. In Dragonspyre we had Malistare. In Celestia we have his angry spirit to deal with!
i think your idea is cool

Nov 10, 2009
Jul 13, 2010
A boss should be Poisidon or .................................................. Sponge Bob!!!

Aug 04, 2009
lolz that cant be heres reasons

- KI already decided the umbra queen was last boss

-malistare was only evil because he wanted sylivia alive again and at the end of the malistare dungeon he is a ghost so as she and sylvia say"o malistare i'm in a better place come to me rest now my love you can rest now"

so he is happy with her they might possibly be the next cyrus drakes of DS and help you like cyrus did in DS throughout the world

May 31, 2010
There needs to realy need a big final boss crab...

...named the mutant shell dweller...

...WITH A RESIST 45% to all schools exept myth 85% and 10% storm cause he's Myth rank 10 boss, (15,000) health AND 3 minions of balance 50%boost with life death and myth and 90%balance resist (15,000) that can cheat and cast power nova after you attack them by passing you and your friends and using judgement lady and rebirth in the same way after you attack the crab.

The minions can be named shell breaker, doom bringer, and lone crab.
Each, with unique abilitities. 8)

May 28, 2009
relma2 wrote:
I go an idea for a celestia boss. In Dragonspyre we had Malistare. In Celestia we have his angry spirit to deal with!

In the final countdown quest, Malistaire understand that what he did was wrong. And the final boss there can be some kind of bad sea creature who said: Ah! Is too boring to live in the Celestia sea! Let's see the out side!

And then he traveled to another world and say: Grrr! There is no water! I can't live here! Those other creatures live in here! I am gonna destroy all other worlds! I will make a big inondation! For all crabs to live in!"

And then, the crabs who think he's right, side up with him and become a enemie. Others who disaggre with him will be friendly characters.

And he will be mad at ho disaggre with him and he will try to kill them. So we must first save this world and then save the other worlds from a big water flow.

Do anyone like this idea?

Dec 10, 2008
I got one.

Final boss of celestia.

Giant crab warrior- 18000 health -
90% resist
school of myth
Main attacks- orthrus, humungo frog, minotaur, earthquake, cyclops, and the new level 58 spell medusa.

Aug 15, 2009
hey i got a question, Celestia will come in both realms cause if it doesnt that will be a rip off, also i am a member but its october 20 my sub. ends on oct. 27 so i am wondering if they will put it on test realm only or both realms
and i cant instal test realms says it will take couple of minutes and by that i think it means days or weeks. i hope they dont put it only in test realm

Aug 28, 2009
Absolutely not.

After we defeated Malistaire in Dragonspyre he became at peace in death with his wife Sylvia. He's no longer a threat, so why on earth would he leave his restfull state and leave his wife in the spirit world to come back as a ghost in a new world and cause more problems for others? He has no more purpose for the time being.

Celestia has its own bosses, including a new world boss.