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Castle Magic Treasure Cards

Jan 19, 2015
What castle magic treasure cards do you wish existed? What do you think would be a really useful or cool spell to have for castle magic?

Here are some of my ideas:

  • Pause/play object: it prevents/allows the target object to move (could be two separate spells or one combined). I was thinking that it would be useful if you wanted to stop a pet/mount/house guest from moving at a specific time or for a specific event (because currently with pet bread crumbs, you can only either keep them still forever or have them walk in a loop with occasional pauses)
  • Pause/play all: same as above, but for all housing objects.
  • More spell effects! Maybe some wand cast effects, like a fireball or the skeleton hands from the death wand cast

What ideas do you all have?

Jan 11, 2009
I think I posted something similar to this in the official housing items thread. These are some interesting ideas, and I totally agree we should have more attack effect housing spells!