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Castle Magic: Spell Updates and System Changes

Dec 13, 2008
Recently I got big into castle magic. I used it to spice up my house, adding little things here or there, or doors connected to buttons. However, I encountered many problems along the way, with either missing spells or spells that just don't seem to work how I expected them to. Also, its apparent that Kingsisle is pushing for castle magic to be used more by players and I too would like to see this happen. So in this post I would like to discuss some of the major flaws I've encountered with the system, how to make the entire thing more welcoming to newer players and then I will cover some specific spells I feel need to be changed in one way or another.

The System
I've only recently tried getting more involved with castle magic and have been a little disappointed by the lack of organization among the spells. The number of castle magic spells that do similar things but all need to be bought individually causes unnecessary confusion. For instance, all of the "Move North 50/100/250" spells could easily be compressed into a single "Move North" spell and allow the player to adjust the distance themselves. This would not only cut back on the messiness of the system but also the unreasonably high gold cost. There are many spells that this could apply to and I will go into specifics later on in this post.

The Spells
Castle magic has served me well for accomplishing simple things such as a door that opens when a button is pressed or a series of tasks have been completed. However, some other tasks have been made more complicated than I would expect them to be. In this section I will discuss specific spells I think need more clarification or different spells to replace them.

  1. Make Invisible - I feel that this spell and the "Make Visible" spell could be compressed into a single spell.
  2. Activate Reflector - Given the sheer number of this spell you need, I think the gold cost should be reduced from 1000 to around 500.
  3. Use Item - I've found very few items this spell actually works on. I would like to see the number of interactable items expanded.
  4. Restore Nearby - I feel that "nearby" should be clarified, perhaps show a range when you use this spell?
  5. Solidify Movement - This spell was particularly disappointed, I only found that this prevents items from moving through the walls of the house, not other objects you've placed.
  6. Allow/Disallow Mounts - I would suggest making this spell only effect the person who activates it.
  7. Teleport Player - Also either make this spell effect whoever activates it or make a new spell that does so.
  8. Move ... - Compress all of the "Move ..." spells into ones more convenient for the player.
  9. Camera Shake - I've found myself needing 4 or 5 seconds of shaky cameras, perhaps allow the player to select the time.
  10. Camera Movements - I would like to see some camera movements for the players who activates it to prevent people from spam activating it, disrupting the other guests.

These are the 10 suggestions I have for now. More may come later.