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card ideas! plz reply

Nov 04, 2008
i was thinking about this and these ideas for cards would be cool:

Balance: time travel: does three hundred and this is new balance over time damage sandstorm comes up 450 damage over 3 rounds then stuns all enemies for three rounds, (obviously)
storm:strong winds: does 750 to all enemies then does storm over time damge. three hundred over four rounds.
fire: raging inferno: does 500 damage all enemies then stuns for one round all enemies
ice: heavy snow: snow falls down on them 600 damage ice trap on all enemies
death: contagious: poisonous bubbles goover all enemies and feint on all no feint on your team though
myth:call of legends: goes for one enemy, one at a time all myth attacks go on your opponent that you chose. they do all their aatcks at their maximum damage no all enemy attack for either earthquake or frog minotaur and orthrus do both attacks.
life( i like this one): wrath of god:jesus' hand comes out like regenerate does same thing but attack mode the life over time: seraph attack move
i hope you like plz reply if you do if you don't that is fine i don't care

blaze rubyblood lvl 50

May 24, 2009
nice idea, maybe the spells could be for players that are lv 50 0r a high level cap or something.

Just a thought :D

Jan 17, 2009
here is a few of my own ideas
Fire- Brimstone - Does 700 damage over time and stuns to all enemies
Ice- Hailstorm- Pretty similar to blizzard only the attack animation is faster and they get hit with ten giant snowballs does 550 damage to all enemies and 200 over three turns
Storm- Tsunami- Brings A GIANT wave that hits all enemys dealing 800-950 damage and stun to all enemies
Myth- Godly Strike- Brings in gods like Zues, Neptune, and Hades and they all cast out a beam with their hands which collects up and a ball that deals 650 damage to all enemies and gives them myth traps for 80%
Life- Prayers- shows the wizard who casted it at a altar praying then a beam of light comes down and heals him and all friends to full health
Death- Dark Matter- A black hole shows up and sucks the souls of all the enemys doing 500 damage to all enemies and shares the health between all friends
Balance- Law - Shows a judge which then hits his tiny little hammer thing (forgot what its called) and then makes a lot of energy swarm around each enemy doing 400 damage and making their next attack fizzle
Hope you enjoyed