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card ideas and favorites

Mar 13, 2010
I'm a level 29 ice wizard and recently i've noticed that we really don't get alot of healing cards. I understand life gets most of them and to be sure i load my deck with as many fairies and fairy gold cards as i can before going into battle, but i also play favorites when it comes to the cards i play.

My first school is of course ice;
my secondary school is myth, which to me is a good combination because you get both ice and myth spells that work well together, expectly when your in col. blvd.

I just received my homugofrog from prof drake and i must say besides my ice wyern he is my favorite. granted sometimes they dont deal out alot of damage, but it still hits ALL the targets, like the hail card and meteor strike.

I also adore the animation on the heckhound card as well as the firebird card, but sadly have never used them. I also see alot of nirini warriors with ice elf cards much like the fire elf, o.o where are they getting them? i haven't see them around anywhere nor is it in my list of cards to obtain.

If i had to suggest and idea for a card, i'd have to suggest perhaps an snow wall? much like the fire elf it would be cast over the enemy but instead of just one let it be cast over all of them and over 2-3 rounds build up until the last time it circled it caused either damage to all of them, or blocked them from attacking one time to let you heal.

for death o.o why don't they make nightshade into a card? he looks...EPIC

Dec 28, 2009
Just so you know, there is a Wraith card, it is the second-to-last card that death students learn, it deals 500 damage and gives you half back. There is also a Lord Nightshade treasure card.