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Carbon copy robes for males, but not females?

Sep 20, 2014
So I know this has been a debate for a while but its honestly one of the most unfair things in the game.

So not everyone likes PVP. And that's fair, you like what you want. But its fair to say pretty much everyone likes the commander rank robes, whether for pvp or just stitching. But getting the commander rank in PVP isn't the easiest thing, impossible for some who cant afford to buy starter gear.

Then the Epic bundle came out a while ago, which apart from the bundle itself, came with a carbon copy of the commander rank PVP robe (Just without the stats). Great! No. The carbon copy robe is only for male characters in the game. If you have a female character? Tough luck - back to the arena you go.

Now I know those of you who do PVP and enjoy it "hate" the idea that the robe could be potentially bought. But its already available on Throwback Thursdays for all male characters. And that is just ridiculously unfair. I personally do not enjoy PVP, I don't find it fun or fulfilling. But the robe is lovely, and to have it available as a blank carbon copy for at least one of my female characters would be amazing.

Side note to this for the people who do like PVP - saying "just work for it like we did", comes to a dead end when a male character can already buy it without doing a single PVP match. I just want it to be fair for both male and female characters.