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Can't Ra and Forest Lord be a little stronger

Aug 13, 2009
crystalwizard12345... wrote:
Granted, Forest Lord is weaker than Centaur, but it's also an all enemy attack.

And granted, if I am wearing armor that has no boosts to it, don't blade, don't trap, don't enchant with something, I do pretty low damage. Especially if the target happens to be life and I didn't use a convert, either. In a scenario like that, I've managed to do less than 300 points with Forest Lord.

But, when he's used with someone wearing armor for their level, and at least boosted a little (say with monsterous), he rarely does less than 1500 points per target.

No need to change him in my opinion.

Sorry. Forest Lord, he is MORE powerful than Centuar, yet I agree with all you've said.

Sep 17, 2009
alanthewizard101 wrote:
If you do not agree with me, do not bother to reply please because this is for people who think Ra and Forest Lord could be a little stronger. If you feel like you have to reply to disagree, please tell me why you disagree. Ok, so I think these two spells could be boosted just a little more or add an additional effect. I think Forest Lord could be raised to 615-695 Damage and Ra, 640-720 Damage. Let me state my reasons. Correct me if I am wrong, it only costs 1 rank to make a spell damage all enemies example, Lotus Swarm and Sandstorm (almost similar). So just subtract 1 from the rank. Life at rank 7 should at least do 600+ damage and so should balance. I mean just take a look at it. Balance is already 50 points, highest damage, lower in damage than storm! Storm Lord is rank 7, does 690 damage, and has a stun. Yes, I know storm is more powerful but can't balance and life at least be able to reach 690 damage?

agreed! i was VERY disapointed with Ra.

Jan 17, 2010
Reading the first post and a few other the other posts, I have come to conclusion... That as a balance, I do agree. Ra i don't even use since Power Nova is actually stronger in general. Not by damage, but how destructive it is.

I am personally laughing at people that talk about Forest Lord hitting 1500 min since i know no such height XD. Guess they forgot about armor. Vs life I really see no fear. I am not trying to put them down. I am stating most Lifes, in general, aren't packing much of a punch since Centuar alone is better, but to counter as well they are Life and healing is their game.

Balance on the other hand(pun too XD) should have higher attack to Ra. It was a sad add. If KingsIsle thinks that Critical makes up for it. LOL They should take critical out since too many One Hit Kills happens on Groups. There is no Skill anymore. I use to PVP with friends alot and we actually had to think 'What should we do?' and now.... lol attack, attack, and for change of pace....BLAM THEM. I am not satisfied that i can't even hit a 600 with Ra in general, but look at rest.... was that a 1200 i saw?... lol and thats with them having no blades and hitting thru my 40% to 50% resist on no critical lol. I have even seen attacks suppose to hit only 600 go critical and hit me for 2300. By my calc if gar was put on it. I think they should just rethink Critical in general and bring it back at 80 which i think would be a much more respectible level considering there are no actual defenses yet. Boost all players attacks by 40 to 50% and add in same resist as always PLUS CRITICAL! WHAT WERE THEY THINKING!

Get the idea? Players use to have to buff/heal/use other spells....sure i can fight anyone and generally win 1v1 to 2v2 but 3v3 to 4v4 its whoever attacks first......1v1 though i still hold about 95% wins vs its just all the bs in others that can get me.....fun....but bs in general.

Aug 04, 2009
I disagree forest lord is a great spell and so is Ra. Think about it ice got snow angel lol our spell taunts you. But in all realness its competely balanced maybe a tad over powered but on my life and balance i love the spells granted forest lord cant do a Ton of damage but you know you can do it. Still on my life i prefer to actually heal rather than attack. Ra is great i love how its so powerful when i can critical it like 30% of the time and with all the balance damage boosts plus a vengeance just set em up and critical xD. My advice get some sun school spells Gargantuan and Ra is about 800 damage and i think its close to 800 for forest lord and gargantaun. Plus life i dont think at this point deserves any buffs because triage is argueably the best spell in the game. Costs no pips and you can remove Ice and Death's best attack, plus you can disrupt fire wizards with it.

Jul 14, 2009
addisoncrawford wrote:
With Gargatuan, Ra and Forest Lord do just fine! I actually think they are almost overpowered since it is SO easy with those two to pretty much wipe everyone out (I am speaking PVE, not PVP).

Also, remember Life and Balance have very high natural life amounts and accuracies which Storm does not have. As well as natural healing abilities.

I feel more sorry for Death and Myth who do not get an all attack spell with any power (sorry, Scarecrow just doesn't cut it). Those guys are the losers but hopefully some day they will get a decent all attack spell.

Anyway, I am perfectly happy with Ra and Forest Lord. They rock!

i feel offended
Chase Mythrunner - waterworks warrior legendary myth

Oct 20, 2009
the forest lord should be stronger because the base is 500 to 600 to all enemys because in celestia the enemys are a lot stronger and it is harder to defeat them but we can use traps blades and critical but it takes forever to get the traps and blades out of my deck the damage should be higher peace

May 15, 2009
Technically speaking, balance and life are the weakest schools in terms of sheer power, but balance can use shields, blades, and traps for every school and life can heal. Each school has a flaw and advantage, so they actually shouldn't be stronger, also they are support schools, meant to help others do the fighting, not to fight themselves. Also, considering forest lord, they have a new pet that gives you a stronger forest lord. They aren't meant to be strong, they were just added since life had no multi hit spells and balance had one weak multi hit spell. Also, balance has judgement to do damage, even though now, it's easily outclassed by some spells. Each school has a way to be effective, so don't complain about what ya get. 8)

May 27, 2009
skeletal dragon should be stronger, the spell stinks so badly ;(

Dec 21, 2008
ok, i think that your idea is both good AND bad...

here's my reasoning...

A: we all have to admit this, balance atack all enemy spells are much below what this guy's saying it should be boosted by... i think that the rand 8 spells should be boosted for life and balance by just adding a second affect (and MAYBE a small amount of damage, not > 100 though, that's insane). for instance i could see ra being added apply damage over time, because, in the spell, the enemies are hit by the sun flames from the balance staff. so like maybe ra should be 500 and 200 over 3 rounds... (you may disagree or change my numbers...)

B: Life has JUST NOW, FINALLY been given an attack all, it LITERALLY HAS to be boosted, mainly because we spend time getting enough pips so we can kill like 3-4 at once and it often goes just below that... life should just be added 100-200 damage and no added affect...

so here are the new spells, hope you agree to them...

Forest lord:

600-700 life damage to all enemies


500 damage + 200 damage over 3 rounds

legendary life
legendary balance
magus death
magus storm

and as you can see, i have both of these cards, so i'm fine with the change...

Dec 19, 2009
Maybe forest lord could have one tree per enemy and at the end of the animation it puts the tree on them. If anyone attack them the tree breaks but nothing else happens. If they attack anyone or heal or anything the tree also breaks.

Jan 01, 2011
trevorking85 wrote:
Sorrry if I'm off topic, but, forget Forest Lord and Ra Snow Angel is the problem It does like 100 more damage than storm lord plus a taunt :x :xJust for one pip more Unfair. I personally think that Snow Angel should be lowered to 70 then 510 ice damage over 3 rounds to all enemies plus taunt. :) :) :)I mean like, remember the last one 475 to all enemies plus stun. KI just gave it a 300 damage boost for one more pip It's klilling everyone in pvp Nobody likes to do pvp against ice in pvp anymore. 3800 health, 37 resist to everything, 9 accuracy, 28 damage, 60 critical rating, 30 critical block rating. :x :xAnd worst of all, Those people dont even have the knife or ring for ice. :-o :-o :-o It all adds up to about 4000 health. And they STILL get a healing boost.

Your's Truly,
Trevor Goldenstaff,
Trevor Dragonstaff

-If u thnk ur pwrfl now, remember wen u were only lvl 2.

i balance and i have no prob fighting ice angel does not bother neather does tower :).
now back to the topic: any way sure you could boost it but then all the other schools want a boost to then we all want another boost then they want a boost. good sir i believe it is your lack of skill causeing you to always lose. i mean ok look at ra sure its not as strong as storm lord but thats also a 15 % differance in accuracy if your gonna look at just card look at the whole thing not just the damage. stun sure makes storm lord great spell but if you take stun off you add another 150 to its attack or more. now forest lord is life never is supposed to do much damage so it fits quiet well ra only does twenty more so i dont ee how you have an argument.

Apr 24, 2010
YES!!! Thank you for posting this!!!! :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

I totally understand. I know life isn't the strongest school but does Forest lord really have to be THAT weak?! I mean, we have the weakest level 58 spell! When did Ice get so strong?! Their level 58 spell is STRONGER than ours! I thought Ice was the weakest school. And Fire, why is there level 48 spell stronger than ours! This seems a little ricdiculous to me. I know Life isn't the strongest but really, Fire's level 48 spell?!
Ra I also agree. Even though it's stronger than Life's ( :x ) it's still kinda weak. You could do more with Judgement!
I feel like Wizard101 does not have the schools balanced out perfectly now do to this.
Sorry, this is just my opinion. And I'm sorry if I was mean. So please don't be all mad at me.

May 25, 2010
I personally think Ra should be just a tiny bit bigger. I mean like, we only have Balance Blade, BattleBlade (I don't know if it's called that: Cost 1 pip, and gives +20% blades to all friends) And hex. That's like all, not including feint, etc. Life, has allot of blades and shields to help it, so it's fine. Ra can't do much damage, IF it doesn't critical. So I agree Ra should be more stronger, but I think forest lord is just fine.

Mar 19, 2009
Okay. So if I casted Ra, (Which is impossible, I have no amulet and I am fire) it'll hit, 672-768 Balance Damage to ALL ENEMIES. 2688-3072 if 4 enemies!!
Wow! Also, imagine if I had a blade......


Apr 26, 2009
with the proper boosts my forest lord has done 12,000 damage. the trick is to use enough blades and traps on your enemies. Another suggestion is that you get robes that give major boosts.

Diana Dragonpyre
Life: Legendary