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Can you give crowns to other players???

Dec 24, 2008

Earlier today i was on Wizard101, and someone said they could give other players crowns if we gave him our usernames. Is this true?

Kelsey Icepetal

My dearest Young Wizards,

The only way to get Crowns is if you make a purchase from the website or input a Gift Card or Certificate, or by inviting a new player, through invite a friend, who subscribes to the game. If you give someone your username they do not have the ability to just give you Crowns. It is important for all of our players to remember that people may not always who they say they are online.
If you exchange your personal information in game is not only a security risk for your account but is also a violation of our Terms of Use. The sharing of username and/or password information in the game (as is stated on the login page of the game) will result in a permanent ban of your account.

If you have any other questions, feel free to contact me from Support!

Happy & Safe Travels to you all!!

Jun 25, 2009
Correct. I would like to mention that you CAN gift things with crowns. these can be mounts, outfits, and more! (no houses) But if anybody says for something they will give you something (not applying treasure cards (unless they ask for treasure cards and say they will give you a mount)) do not say yes. people might say that and take the cards and leave! this is why i advise to not accept deals that sound to good to be true.