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Calculating Damage

Jul 21, 2013
We should have the ability to calculate this in a battle...even if it means making no timers for battle. (This is an example below.)

How much damage will my attack do

Base damage: 1056 + Epic = 1356
Gear Boosts: 110%
Blades: +35%, +45%, +35%, +45%
Traps: +70%, +80%
Pierce: 25%

1356+110%+35%+45%+35%+45%+70%+80%= 33389.0415211 (rounded to 33389)

But how will the resist affect my attack

33389-25%=25041.75 (rounded to 25042)

"This should be good game"

Apr 29, 2012
You see, what I do sometimes is I'll open a tab on my laptop and use the Google calculator function to figure it out. Say I'm going to use a Colossal Ra with 3 blades and 1 trap with various values, I'll Google this:

875 (the average Colossal Ra damage) *1.69 (my character's damage) *1.25 (Balanceblade) *1.3 (IC blade) *1.35 (Enchanted blade) *1.3 (Hex). Then Google tells me the answer. I have to do it rather quickly, but can definitely do it myself in a turn, to find out whether or not the spell will kill. It might make the game a little easier if this was added, but it's not very needed.

Sep 17, 2012
Timers are necessary for team play. Calculating should be done outside of combat. You can make the small calculations of changes from shields or charms on the fly. If you already know how much your spell does with X number of boosts, it's a simple calculation.

I think something like this would be an excellent addition to the game. Right now I use the calculator on my phone to see whether or not a hit will kill an enemy. The buff list that was added not long ago was a great step in a similar direction ... perhaps they'll capitalize on it someday!

~Vanessa Mythdust

Once a super fan, now a KingsIsle QA Tester! I squash bugs.
A+ Student
Jan 18, 2010
Hmm, I usually estimate my damage/hit before attacking to see if like Vanessa said, the hit will be a knockout.

I'm always on target most of the time though.

But any ideas in this step is always a right direction put forward!

Sep 17, 2012
I wouldn't be opposed to the buff list showing a total buff, but anything actually calculating the total damage before hitting is just stupid in my opinion. It makes battle kinda pointless. Let's just give tests with all the answers printed on it for you too. Just circle the only answer given and you win. At least the way it is kids might actually THINK and do a little math. The game doesn't need to do everything for you.

Mar 13, 2010
I'm with seethe. Part of the game is doing the rough calculations to determine "Is it enough?"