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Buying Talents

Nov 20, 2010
I am going to make this short and to the point. ALL of those who hatch alot and the hatchers out there know what i mean by ALOT shold no that its hard to get talents you want. What i am suggesting is that we buy talents with $$$ money that we really want either irl or in-game but if in-game would be 300k=max cash per talent. Still have to lvl it up but otherwise i think it would be great for all of us instead of hatching 20-50 times and not even getting close to talents you want.

Aug 15, 2009
seems like from a programming stand point that they couldnt do that outright due to the random factor of getting talents of the next pet level. It appears that the best they could do is when a pet levels and you dont like the talent that you could spend a hundred crown to make it change to a different talent. I am thinking like the after boss fight chests. where if you agree that the talent is what you will take then fine, otherwise cough up a hundred crown to try a different talent. An obvious consideration is that for about 900 crown you can sneak a peak at all your pets talents and decide if its even worth going on or hatching for something better. And then once you get to know all the talents then its a matter of a few crowns more to get the talents you want for the pet you want.

Those crowns would not take from say the snack packs. in fact it would enhance them comsidering that if someone likes the talents they would spend more on the mega snacks to level the pet faster to get the talents they want.

and it seems simple. at the time a pet levels a thing comes up that says "x is your new pet talent for a hundred crown you can get the next talent" or something like that.