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buying final dungeon completions

Sep 26, 2012
i am one of those players and there are quite a few of us, that just want to come on the game and relax. do gardens and whatever and just quest without a lot of complicated battles.

me personally, i dread final dungeons and all the complicated cheats. so many many times i have reached the end and then just stop playing that wizard for months because i just feel so much dread doing the dungeon. i really do not like cheating bosses. some are ok but too many are not. i know you want them to be a challenge but i dont want a challenge, i want to unwind and relax. i actually like a story just for that, so normal questing is great.

storm titan is the worst. there is a new world coming and its going to come and i am not going to have a wizard to play in it because of this dread towards complicated and tedious final dungeons. some games i have played, the final dungeon is optional and you can go onto a new "world" without doing it. they make it for those players that like such things by they make it optional for those that do not. you want players to play new content. you want players to play, all of them, just not certain types of players.

i am not asking you to change the final dungeons or even make them easier, just put in an option to skip it by buying a completion for it so players can move onto a new world. this opens up a new revenue option for you as well, just dont make it too expensive :p

Dec 20, 2008
Personally, I think they should do nerfs on dungeons a year after they are released or when a new world comes out (unless it's a side world). So, it would make it easier for people going through those dungeons later because less people are trying to go through them.

Normally, a month or two after a new world is released, it is swamped with players farming for gear. However, there's a lot less players after nine months to a year. Nowadays, on worlds like Avalon or Azteca, rarely anyone runs those.

Mar 09, 2018
Love the idea but unfortunately with how this year's been going I can definitely tell you it'll cost upwards of 10k crowns to skip the final boss of a world. There's a guide by Oh Snap on YouTube that tells you how to play the hitter role for the titan regardless of your school, so you may check that out.

Sep 26, 2012
its not that i cannot do it, ive read the guides, i know what to do. its the sense of dread. the tediousness of doing it.

i can remember back to the second time i got to big ben (the first time, you just really dont know) and i almost stopped playing the game. i had just gotten mostly through mooshu on my first and all those oni dungeons were putting me off so i started a new wizard. i was enjoying the game. was just getting into pets and gardening. playing through wizard city was nice, except for grubb but even that wasnt too bad. playing through krok was really nice, it is still one of my favorite worlds. playing through marleybone wasnt too bad, i had a problem with the storyline, haha. i mean we just saved their guys and i cant look for the book unless i solve your crime problem? and lazy cops. but playing through was nice except for getting caught on the rooftops. i had trouble with ironworks and katz because of how long and tedious they are. but 2 clocktowers and then big ben. i really almost stopped playing.

i have trouble when players need help with those longer ones. i want to help others but... even when i can just walk through it no problem, its hard getting myself to do it.

i want to play to unwind and relax. i dont want something that makes me even more tense and winds me up more. its not how hard a dungeon is, big ben isnt hard. and oh my gosh, the labrinyth, dont get me started on that and they put some spell quests in there so certain wizards have to do it more than once.

i thought this was a great idea. it doesnt hurt any type of player and helps other players like me. and it gives KI another revenue option.

Jun 22, 2010
I too have been in limbo with several of my wizards due to not being able to get past the Titan battle. I have tried the kiosk team up and also stood outside the battle sigil in hopes of joining a team. I finally gave up in making it past this battle and advance on to any new world.

I am like you in enjoying the game's story and artwork in the new worlds. I am not a person that likes a fight which requires a full team of four that all know just which cards to load and when to play them.

I usually play with my wife, so we are a team of two. We learned the expensive and hard way that buying henchmen gets you killed even faster because they are not aware of the cheats which get you killed.

An alternative for players that don't thrive on a extreme challenge fight is to offer different difficulty levels for the harder boss fights. They can still be a challenge, but award lesser drops at the easier battle level. Many other games have this option. Often easy, moderate, and difficult.

My wife and I have been annual members since 2009 and would love to explore the new worlds. However we both have discussed that our days of playing Wizard may be coming to an end because we can no longer get past the final Titan fight to continue on with our Wizard journey.

I fully support the idea of either paying to skip the fight, or the option of selecting a less difficult fight to advance to the next world.

If two experienced adults, that have been playing the game for over a decade can't get past a fight, think how difficult it must be for a parent and young child team to succeed. Not everyone can muster together a team of four players to win a fight.

I, personally know of over a dozen of my long time Wizard friends that stopped playing Wizards due to not being able to get past the Titan fight. If Wizards wants to keep membership players, they need to find a way for us to opt out of difficult boss fights so we can continue to advance into the next world.

Jan 11, 2013
Most mainline bosses as of late have been receiving nerfs whenever the next work comes out (So far this has happened with Rat, Grandfather Spider, & Medulla), so I would be surprised if we didn't see some sort of nerf come to Storm Titan. As to completing the dungeon while maintaining sanity, I'd recommend trying to find a group on fan forums or even fan discord servers for the game, as you'll usually have a better experience than going with randoms (However, these usually attract more "elitist" and "toxic" players).

Sep 26, 2012
nerfing them doesnt actually help players with my problem.

Sep 26, 2012
no one else has an opinion on this. would love to hear from everyone on this.

Sep 01, 2009
It took me nearly six months to finish Empyrea. I spent that entire time stuck on Titan because I couldn't find anyone to team up with. Imagine my shock when one day, I clicked team up and actually found a team.

I agree with the OP and the replies. Given that team up for higher-level questing rarely works, we need another option. It really shouldn't take half-a-year to complete a world.

Jan 10, 2012
My half a cent opinion.

It could be as simple as you get credit for completing the world,
when you fight the "final" boss. <Win or lose>.

The last boss being the one who drops all the "goodies".
Farm him if you want or not it's your option.
Offer craft-able "tier 2" gear along the way, so everyone wins.
Maybe making side quests to get those special hard to get crafting reagents.
K I keep subscriptions up and casual players play at their leisurely rate.
When the nerf happens a year later you can always complete it them.

Sep 01, 2008
So glad that this has been brought up, and wholeheartedly agree with the OP!

As an older player, I am not knew to these types of games, and like most people enjoy the challenge. But when the frustration level is so high, and you have to wait months to "hopefully" complete the final battle, it's just not worth it. This is supposed to be a kids game, for cripes sake! I can't even imagine how a young person must feel trying to complete some of these battles. I would gladly pay 10K crowns, heck even 20K, to get past the challenges that seem intended for diehard players that live for the excitement of the cheats. Want to give me less rewards for an easier option in the final battle? I'm in on that too!!

I'd love to be able to get back to when W101 was young and I looked forward to finishing a world and move on to the excitement of the next one.

Sep 26, 2012
now would be a good time to implement this (well, a week ago would of been better) with a crown sale too.