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Bundles decisions

May 31, 2016
So i am thinking of buying the witch hunters back for my level 60 death wizard and ive done a ton of research but i cant decide so my brain is telling me that i should choose the highest tear level 110 gear for later on when i use it but i want to use it really bad what would be the best decision i mean i still get the pet and mount fast and the house but i do not know what to do even the wand would be best high level so what should i do i am looking for good help

Jan 05, 2015
I think it's definitely best to save the weapons and the gear for high levels, unless you're actually planning on buying another card once you reach those high levels... Personally, I buy a card every few months for a membership, and I've just started using the gear and weapons for my specific level range because I know that I'm going to be getting more.

Feb 19, 2013
I wouldn't get level 110 gear, because at 100, you're getting your darkmoor/exalted boss gear, which is much better than any bundle gear at that tier.