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Bundle Ideas Fishing Bundle

Dec 11, 2011
Since Fishing is just implemented to the game, there should be a bundle that has a fishing theme. Like the key item in the bundle could be this massive Skull Island theme house with some watery area where wizards can fish and for some this house exclusive fish, (though it won't be much of a crossover), while a nice raft as a mount while they ride across the spiral, maybe some fisherman theme gears like Lucky Hooklines or even like some Skull island theme gear in Wiz101, while the wand? A fishing rod! With a whacking attack animation, and the pet? Maybe a fish currently in game should be the pet. While the house should have one or more built in fish tank where MULTIPLE fishes can be place inside! While like the red barn farm, there should be bonus luck given while your fishing in the house( but will disappear once the wizard leaves the house!).