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Bundle Idea: Activity Bundle!

May 06, 2009
I think it would be a fun idea to have a bundle that's themed after Crafting, Pet Training, Gardening, and Magical Fishing, all in one! I call it the Activity Bundle.

The Activity Bundle would be $29 and would include:

-An Ancient Fisher's Pond Add-On (appears as a teleporter to a large Fishing area) with it's own benefits:

*Hosts multiple random specimens from around the Spiral as well as it's own exclusive fish (Gold Fish, Silver Fish, Bronze Fish, Bigheaded Carp, Rainbow Trout, Puppy Guppy, and a Spiralcuda)
*Has a daily-reward granting Treasure Chest at it's center (gives pet snacks, gold, treasure cards, and reagents)
*A built-in Pet Training kiosk
*Is liked by all Plants
-3 New Corn Dog Grass Seeds that give lots of Gardening XP and have a chance to grant rare reagents and Mega Snacks
-A New Giant Crawfish mount
-A New Kingfisher pet (a fishing-bird pet (pun on the name of the actual animal))

*Grants 1 Steal Charm at Baby, Steal Ward at Adult, and Wildfire Treant at Epic
*Naturally knows the May Cast Steal Ward, Stun, Steal Charm, and Snowdrift Pet Talents as well as "Blazing Oak" Pet Talent
-The New Multi-Tasker's Attire which gives Fishing Luck stats, and a large boost in Energy as well as boosts to Resist, Accuracy, and Damage (+Block at higher tiers). Most spells included are fish-themed!
-The New Angler's Lure Staff weapon that comes with it's own Energy Boost, block at higher levels, and 1 copy of Taunt and 3 copies of an Ice and Storm Wand attack
-5000 Crowns or 1-Month Subscription

Tell me what you think. If you like it, hate it, or would like to give general improvements.
As always, Thanks for Reading!