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Bundle contest!

Mar 30, 2014
I think there should be every year in September a create a bundle contest! Like you can on wizard101.com and it would say on the home page: create a bundle contest enter now! You would click on it and you log on then type in the name, castle, pet, mount, armor, weapon and crown amount then it enters and at the beginning of December there are 3-10 bundle winners! The winners get half off there own bundle and all bundles can be purchased online! I believe KI makes the bundles that players want but if the players make a bundle they specifically like than they will totally buy it! Benefits: players: you can get a bundle that either you made or some other player made! Plus it would be fun! KI: your a business and you need money. What better way than letting players make bundles than spend money on them because it is their dream bundle? Please Please Please make this happen!

Emily Deathdust

(Hopeful) Necromancer

Dec 05, 2012
the thing is that what if a nine year old won the contest? the game would have to give them the money cause it was their idea and that could get complicated and their parents might get mad. plus i don't want people getting obsessed with the competition or brag about it after.