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bunch of ideas for consideration (long)

Nov 27, 2013
I have a max level balance wizard, have been playing for almost a year now. I love this game.

I wish the menu chat had a "I'm sorry, I can't help you right now" item I could use when I am asked by a menu chatter to help them when I am busy in a dungeon.

It would be nice if the friends list showed you when your friends were busy in a dungeon and/or unavailable to help you.

I would also like it if the friends list was color coded by the school of the person.

I wonder if KingsIsle has considered putting a forum area for school discussions, one for each school. When you are in a school it can be very helpful to have a place to ask questions specifically for folks who might be more experienced with that school.

As a crowns player I wish I could purchase a backpack expansion kit that would let me carry the same number of items that a subscribing member is able to carry. Set a number of crowns on it and let us decide.

Why can't we feed fish that we catch to our pets instead of selling them back to the Lucky? Seems like a no brainer, I can feed wands to my pet, sometimes she might like a tasty fish snack.

I enjoy the pets very much, and I would not want to mess up a good thing... but I want to put this on the table for discussion: what if there was a Pet Rescue place where we could pay (crowns would be ok, or crowns and gold both) to leave our unwanted pets for adoption? the trick would be that any pet put up for adoption could not be hatched. I bet there is an animal rescue place in Austin Texas that KingsIsle could donate a portion of the proceeds to. The thing is, I just can't stand selling the pets or deleting them, I am too much of a softie. I would pay say, oh 150 crowns to put the pets in a place where they might find a happier home... and the person who adopted the pet would pay crowns to get it, especially if we knew that some of the proceeds were going to a good cause. Perhaps, to be goulish about it, an adopted pet could only be used as is, or to "stitch" another pets talents to. Just an idle thought perhaps....

...and will there be moon school, sun school, star school and shadow school pets?

Last thing I will put in this post is that I have noticed that our wands have morphed into weapons, and I would like to see more "wand-like" wands being made available. It's a wizard school, not a gladiator school. I have fun sometimes imagining Merle Ambrose lugging around one of these great battle-axes.... I know, I know, they can be stitched.

any of these things strike a chord with you?

Valerian Duskrider lvl 100

Jun 08, 2009
A lot of these things have struck a chord:

1) Also a crowns player without the time to efficiently use membership, I agree that we should have benefits as well, such as a backpack expansion.
2) Love the idea of Astral and Shadow pets (ahh....the possibilities...?)

3) Though I will forever be a Sidhe staff user, (the best for Balance, considering also fixed damage spells: always know when I can attack, how much I hit for, and the fact that I do attack), I agree that wands should be ummm.... wand-like?
4) I especially the idea of adopting and giving away a pet. I bet lots of people have a gazillion pets - fact: we're just not going to be able to train them all. And sometimes, you don't want to train them. Just to expand on your idea, those giving pets away for adoption will pay crowns to give them to an adoption center in the pet pavilion. Those who want to adopt pets will be given a chance to look them over. To prevent people from adopting pets willy-nilly, there should be some kind of limit how many pets can be adopted. Considering that people with a lot of pets, usually have a lot of resources (crowns and people to help them grind/hatch for pets), the adoption center will be geared towards those with less pets. And thus, perhaps if your total number of pets on that character is over a certain number, than you can't adopt a pet, and you would be forced to give them away. Further, in an attempt to prevent abuse, let's not give away ridiculously low pedigree pets, like the piggles and dragons, cats and serpent (fire serpent is ok). Maybe there should be a minimum pedigree of pet to give away.

On a separate note, there should also be like "doggy" park in the pet pavilion, perhaps a whole separate tunnel where players can relax, talk about pets, and maybe, just maybe recharge their energy...?