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Building your home sounds great..at first

Dec 07, 2012
I purchased and crafted the items needed to create my own design for my own castle and was excited to decorate it! Only to find that the original design is the only design! You can't use any wallpaper or carpet in these castles! What a waste! Worst of all the design on the walls which are squares and the design on the floor which are different squares makes me dizzy if I look at it too long; which I need to do in order to decorate it!

I feel like I wasted my money on the card you can purchase at local stores. Especially since I was excited to finally build on my own property without having another house there using up the item count. I assumed that since you needed to purchase the card to get your own property it also allowed you to decorate like normal castles. Now I find you get your own property but get penalized when decorating it.

Shouldn't all castles have the same ability with decorating? All other castles I have bought and sold all had the ability to wallpaper and carpet. .

Jul 10, 2009
I agree with you that castle blocks from the Arcane Builders Set should be able to be wallpapered/floored. I believe the reason why KI doesn't allow wallpaper/floor on the castle blocks is because it would be hard to decide what should be wallpapered/floored. All normal houses, when you apply wallpaper/flooring, only apply it to that room. This wouldn't work for the castle blocks because it is impossible to define what a room is, because there can be holes in the walls and etc.
I believe KI could fix this either by making wallpaper/flooring work the way it does in The Sims, where you click on the wallpaper/flooring and drag it across the castle blocks you want it to apply to, or by having the player select what blocks to apply the wallpaper/flooring to and then applying it. Two simpler fixes would be to make the player buy individual wallpapers/floorings for each of the castle blocks, or just by having castle blocks with different textures.

Haley MoonHeart, Promethean Thaumagture

Dec 07, 2012
Your idea about dragging the wallpaper/flooring is a great idea both for the houses you build and the ones we have to buy! It bugs me how the system puts wallpaper or flooring in certain areas and then you can't put anything in certain areas. Case in point would be the castle that is the pyramid of the horizon and the winter wind tower both needed to be purchased with real money. When you put up wallpaper or flooring and expect a certain area to be covered it isn't, and what you don't want covered, it is! lol It is so frustrating!