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Bug Hunting and Collecting

Sep 15, 2012
Was thinking of a new idea and a fun new way to spend energy and maybe get new rewards. Bug hunting and collecting. Just like fishing, only you use a butterfly net in certain tall grassy areas. Of course it'd take the game designers a little imagination to make the actual challenge of catching bugs. Just a little something to maybe add a new fun challenge to the game. Would love to hear more thoughts on this.

Dec 10, 2010
I think that would be a neat idea!

As for the logistics of making it work, there would have to be specific areas where catching them would be possible. So like ponds for fishing, having tall patches of grass or flowers around the world would work?

Or it could be that the bugs just fly around everywhere - so you could in theory see a butterfly in the commons, and catch it if you chose to do so - kinda like animal crossing?

It would take a lot of effort to iron out the creases, but it could definitely work!! It would be cool to see really rare bugs that blend in with the surroundings so you're less likely to catch them And rainbow bugs! And seasonal bugs too!!

Sep 15, 2012
Yeah exactly, a great idea to have it work anywhere. Maybe anywhere that isn't near combat and maybe just like school lures in fishing, there are magic butterfly nets that glow with school colors just like the bugs that fly around. So if you see a bug with a black glow you'll know its a death school and not know what type of bug until you catch it. Epic bugs that rarely appear and seasonal like you mentioned are a great idea. Plus making certain bugs a part of a recipe for equipment might be cool. Hope this happens.