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Bring on the Mole Minions!

Apr 17, 2009
As a player & gardener for over 5 years I have spent a lot of time caring for my gardens. A whole lot of time.

So, the feature I want to see introduced into the game is a Mole Minion, one who tirelessly treats for pests, waters, & magics my plants 24/7. It would be fine by me if he used my energy doing so. I would really like him to be able to harvest & re-plant same type seeds as plants reach Elder status.

Since this would be a huge help to countless gardeners, I feel that making him a Crown Shop item would be appropriate. Something along the order of 10,000 crowns would be just about right.

What's the consensus on this fellow wizards?
Would you like to see this Mole Minion become available in the game?
Please post your opinion below so Kings Isle knows there is a market for this!

Feb 20, 2012
I definitely agree. However, there might need to be a level limit, as Rank 1 or 2 gardeners (at least) probably wouldn't need such a thing. Also, what would happen if your energy ran out? Still a great idea!
Jesse Drakebreaker Adept
Thomas Darkstaff Initiate

Sep 19, 2013
Useless. When you leave your house, it effectively freezes the state your plants are in. For example, if I take care of all my young plants, leave my house and log out, and come back a year later, they will all be perfectly healthy Adult plants that will develop needs. If I leave them alone for just a bit longer, they will begin to wilt but not completely die unless I leave them alone some more.