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Bring Back the Old Worlds!

May 01, 2011
It seems that places like Marleybone, Mooshu, Dragonsphyre, and Celestia are empty! I don't know about Zafaria or the other worlds, because I'm still in Celestia. There should be some ways to bring back those worlds, instead of them being abandoned. So I came up with a few:

Hardcore Dungeons:
If you've fully completed the world and the dungeon (dungeons from side quests count) you may have the chance to do it again, but the bosses are fit for your certain level. For example, a level 68 wizard battling Malistare in DS. The boss's health, power pip chance, amount and strength of spells would be raised! Including minions too. Can't forget that the boss's cheating ability!

Quest Wizards:
For wizards that are bored, they can apply to be a Quest Wizard. This feature would be a button somewhere on the screen where you would click, and your wizard's stats and quest needing help on will appear. Wizards who want to help can scroll through the list of wizards needing help. Once you click on a wizard needing help it automatically sends a friend request to the person. Then it teleports both of you to where you need to do the quest.

Sorry if the ideas aren't really good. I think it would be nice to see a lot more people in the other worlds instead of being lonely!

Aug 20, 2011
Those worlds are really lonely, you're right. Lots of people want to see those worlds revitalized, maybe KI will get around to that one of these days.

I think your idea for bosses that scale to your current level is a good feature that should be looked into. I don't know that whole worlds need to re-scaled, but if I could fight Krokopatra or a few other bosses again as a Rank 14 boss, I would give it a try. Perhaps these could be scaled to the lowest level wizard in your party, like in Pagoda or Winterbane.

I also think you may be onto something with your idea for a "Help-a-Wizard" feature. I like to volunteer help on occasion, because I remember what it was like being in over my head. But too often now I see self-serving types saying they require payment to help someone complete a dungeon or beat a boss, and it makes me sad.

Jan 31, 2010
From Wizard City to Azteca (Including Aquila), the world is almost bare of players... Too many promethean wizards sitting around talking about random things in the commons, or just running around Khrysalis looking to pick fights... I am honestly, one of the few promethean wizards that will scout all worlds for people to help... Kingsisle needs to do something... They also really need to give the bears of Grizzleheim back their fighting arena... Wintertusk has been out for a while now, and Nick Jonas needs to go... I'm tired of seeing him there...

Sep 21, 2013
Good ideas! Maybe there should be another quest where you have to go back to all the worlds to collect something, like the obsidian chests in Dragonspyre.

~Esmee Watertalon, level 48

Feb 07, 2011
I like this idea~ my level 95 wizards would love to go back and visit Mally in Dragonspyre.

I tend to stop questing on my wizards when they max out, and I take it as an opportunity to work on my lower-level ones. My prometheans work on crafting, pet training, and things like Tortureus (Tartarus) or Waterworks for gear.

I don't actively scout for people to help (I work 50+ hours a week, so my playing time is quite limited and I have my own stuff to do). But, if someone asks nicely, I don't mind assisting them... Just tonight, my promethean storm wizard helped my good friend in Avalon; she's a lot of fun to be with, so it doesn't feel like work. Plus it's a nice break from Khrysalis (and annoying cheaty bosses).

-von "I'm not evil, I'm nice-challenged" shadowsong





Nov 26, 2010
Yeah, I think those worlds need to be more filled. I like Marleybone a LOT, but when my characters have to go into Katzenstein's Lab or Big Ben, they have to travel all the way to the Commons to ask for help when their friends aren't on. This is a problem with the other worlds that are empty, too.