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Bring back lifebane

Dec 19, 2008
If you dont know what that actually is, lifebane is basically like a life dispel that death players used to have a long time ago, but it was a trap and the way it worked was intersting and a bit op, what it did was say you had a friend that had that on them, if you cast rebirth, that lifebane would prevent the spell from working like if you had it. however i feel it could have new life again not as a spell, but as a item card in NON pvp.

Lifebane would be handy in situtations during pvm (player vs monster). like anti cheat, and other things. however it could also bring back life as a cheat for higher ranked bosses later on in the game because of how it works. i do remember a long time ago seeing this spell, was only once but i remember it. i didnt think it would be that useful back then, however i feel it could be brought back in this current time.

Please be sure to let me know what you think of this idea, really excited to see what you all think.