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Brilliant Ideas!

Nov 12, 2013
So ladies and gentlemen, I have some ideas that I think will improve this game substantially and I want to know your various opinions.

1.light magic- you all know about shadow magic the new 'evil' school that almost everyone uses, but everything has to have an opposite, a ying for a yang, pb and j, blah blah you get the idea. The council of light most likely used it so we should too! When using light magic, instead of polymorphing, you would literally change your equipment. So there could be a spell that changes your whole set of armor, a wand, an amulet, even your ring or your athame (not your deck or pet). Of course u would be able to summon creatures, but unlike those shadow monsters who stand behind you, light creatures could either stand beside you (not a minion, would not work in 4v4, would have to have a separate circle) or stand in front of you to protect you. Some general ideas: a paladin, a pegasus knight, and an angel. Oh yes there is that backlash, how about it would give a penalty instead, such as a series of negative charms, an aura that increases incoming damage, or you cannot use a damage or healing spell for a certain no. of rounds. This might require a new world,aditional area, and maybe a new level cap (:

2. gauntlets- first of all, no I am not talking about those auto-reset dungeons, I mean powerful gloves that the wizard could wear on their left arm. The gauntlet would be kind of like a second wand, but it would give manipulation spells harnessing your wizards magical power. Probably would give another power pip and more sophisticated melee abilities. ie. dual attacks, or maybe even triple strikes. additional effects like casting negative charms, healing the user, or it could involve DoT

3. enhancements- not enchant, enhance. To put it simply, you could upgrade a certain area of a certain piece of equipment. ie. I could add +5% damage to my athame. But there is a limit to one enhancement per item. These are undo able like stitching and could quite possibly be crown based.

4. new spells- yeah no offense KI, but I Hate those king artorius spells,(I have no idea how to spell that name, lol). I'm not going to be negative so here are my ideas for new spells,( these should be and should be taught to the student, not necessarily rank 12 spells)
life: mother nature
death: jubacabra, dracula, death or the grim reaper
myth: an ettin, cerberus, hippogriff
fire: cerberus
ice: yeti, avalanche
storm: lockness monster
balance: pandora's box, harpies(three)
sun: solar wind
moon: lunar beam
star: stellar blast

Besides these spells there will be a new X rank spell for each school. Your wizard finally unlocks his/her full potential, walks into the center of the dueling circle and starts to glow the color of their school. They levitate into the air and their eyes like flicker their schools magic. ie. fire would have fiery eyes. Your wizard attacks all enemies and leaves an additional effect depending on the school.

Dec 05, 2012
like astral, shadow magic doesn't need a new opposite cause there would be no point. i am not sure about gauntlets. maybe but i don't think it may be the best idea. enchancements wouldn't be to bad. maybe they could do that but if they did you should be able to get them for crowns and gold. i loved the king artorius spells.

Nov 25, 2009
Dec 30, 2012
Light magic has been mentioned numerous times by other players.
If they were to add light magic, I am pretty sure they would have done that in Khrysalis part 2.
I am not saying it is an impossible idea, but to me, it seems unlikely.

Nov 12, 2013
Some more too add. If light spells were to become a reality either they would use normal pips or another entirely new pip. But here's the catch, you cannot know both light and shadow magic, because no one can have three pip columns, lol, and they would probably cancel each other out.

Astral magic doesn't have an opposite because it's three different schools! Would you want to have three more schools? I'm just saying that light magic is the only other school possibility, unless you want wind or chaos XD

Also, KI should think about upgrades. So a wizard could upgrade their wands, only wands though, because that would completely throw away the idea of enhancements if it could be done on all equipment.

Reply if you wanna chat, feel free to ask any questions and stuff lol

Sep 17, 2012
Light is all the visible schools combined. Shadow is counter to all of them. If you want to think in terms of Light and Dark in reality, all the schools of Light (our wizard and astral schools) would make up all the spectrum of Light magic's rainbow... Shadow is the absence of that Light, not an opposite.

Dec 05, 2012
if we added light magic we would have to know both shadow and light because it wouldn't be fair and it would be better having three columns of pips.

Nov 12, 2013
Shadow magic is the dark arts in its purest form, and the main schools are divisions of light magic. So why not teach it? I bet you guys ten bucks that Ambrose learned it!