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Brew your own elixers!

Jun 06, 2009
So I was browsing around the crowns shop today, when I realized: I never used elixirs. And to the best of my knowledge, not many other people use them also. So this is my idea: brew your own elixir!
How this would work is complicated. You would walk up to the potions vendor in the commons, and there would be two options:Elixirs, and then Potions. If you click on elixirs, it teleports you to a small area (instance). There is a brewing stand (not sure what it would look like) and you click on it and it lists elixir recipes you can make. The process is similar to crafting. You insert ingredients to make the recipe, but that seems a bit easy. Maybe an added challenge that one of you fellow wizards could list below? Also, you would need to buy the recipe for gold from a vendor. Still seem a bit easy to brew an elixir? How about you need to pay a large sum of gold for every time you make the elixir!
Anyway, it's just an idea so please don't be too negative about it. Good luck to all, and have fun in the spiral!

William DeathHead, Archmage

Jun 06, 2009
Also, there should be new elixirs! Maybe an elixir to help you garden or craft?

William DeathHead, Archmage

Nov 14, 2010
maybe there aren't recipes (that you can see) you just put ingredients in and you get a elixir (that would be less effective than the ones in crowns shop) and it depends on wt ingredients you put in so you have to figure out which makes which

Aug 20, 2011
Yes! I could get on board with an idea that makes my crafting room useful. I don't need furniture, spells, or gear very often, but I would craft elixirs all the time.

As it is, my tables just sit there until they come up with a new crafting quest every few months.