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Books to read

Jun 23, 2013
Okay i was thinking about reading books like stories and wizards who long ago in libarys that would be cool or a book about the coolest pet tell me what you think or more books to think of! MaryDaisyHeart level 43 wizard

Mar 13, 2014
It would be cool if each of the libraries in the game had a special section for player-created books. People could write whatever they wanted, descriptions of adventures, books of jokes, picture books with uploaded .JPGs, whatever. Guides to play might be some of the more popular items, I'd love to have something like "Dan's Terrible Guide to Charms and Wards" as a reference available in a game library somewhere.

To comply with the game's family friendly policy, player-written books would need to be reviewed before being allowed to be available to anyone in the game. I can hear KingsIsle staff groaning "when the heck are we going to have time for that?" Well, I would suggest a peer-review process. Set up a way for people to sign up to be volunteer peer reviewers. Set up an automated system so that when someone wants to upload a new created book, the potential library book gets sent to 10 or so names on the volunteer review list. Each reviewer can write a short critique, including suggestions for improvement. Each reviewer might give the work a numerical rating of quaility, and have the opportunity to issue a "not-family-friendly" veto. Works with a set number of vetos (I am thinking 2 or more) are rejected. Otherwise, works with high average quality ratings might immediately become official library books, while lower rated works would get bounced back to the writer with a message to try again.

Nov 10, 2012