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big idea for tiny problem

Aug 05, 2009

I wanted to just put a couple ideas down and get everyones take on them:

One: wizards should be able to sit in chairs, lay in beds, and eat food.

Two: silver chests should NEVER contain just coins like a wooden chest (this would defeat the purpose of completing shock-a-lock puzzle, in my opinion.)

PS- if you wanna find me, post your name then i'll usually be in the pet pavillion so check every day in realm Ivan area one.

Alexander MythFinder (Grandmaster Conjurer- Level 50 myth :D)

Jul 08, 2009
Interesting ideas, and I totally agree about the Silver Chests I once got a quest in Marleybone Big Ben to open silver chests, but I didn't even bother because I'm terrible at Shock-a-Lock, and the closest I ever got to winning was a little bit of gold :(