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Better wizardblox prizes

Oct 07, 2010
So today my friend gave me some wizardblox prize codes he got so I thought since it is a lot of points it will give good rewards like some rank seven snacks but no for lots of points I got 650 gold each time and them only cereal my friend gave me three so all gave reagents that are less than rank three.I think wizardblox should have better prizes like for example rare chance of pets from crown shop like all under 5,000 crowns like Raven,Evil Sandman,Green Cat Thug and, also permenant mounts for ultra rare like Arcus Cloud,Sea turtle,Tawny Ram.Also some potions like all under 400 crowns for a semi rare ultra rare chance.Crown wands for ultra rare chance.Also good gear for your level or under either dropped gear or crown gear(rare).Also rare chance for Mega snacks to.card packs under 400.common some transformations.you can start earning mounts and pets at 750,000 potions at 150,000,card packs at 500,000,transformations at 5,000.Mega snacks at 750,000.And start earning(as rare armor sets or armor and wands at 850,000 for your level and under like my level 48.I can get either Valkyrie set or something like veil of sparks.

This should be for ios and computer versions