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Better pack or drop luck elixir

Jan 15, 2014
Hello friends! I have made suggestions in the dorms for a while, one even got put into the game. (I'm sure other people suggested it too though) But I have a great idea. Why not make two elixirs. One gives you let's just say 25% better luck with packs, and another that is 25% better luck with drops. I have never had good luck with drops, and packs, well usually pretty good luck. (Except for never getting the road warrior chopper ) But I think this is a good idea, this might help those that are annoyed with getting lousy drops, or those that don't get good items from packs. If you look in Holston's laboratory, there are tons of messages talking about how angry they are from getting bad pack items / drops. This I feel will make lots of wizards a lot happier. (It also may help me get smogger's charged robe and the road warrior chopper) Which are 2 items I've spent 24/7 trying to get.
Thanks for reading! -Blake DarkBreaker Archmage diviner