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better myth spells!!!!!

Jun 14, 2009
radplayer5 on Apr 25, 2013 wrote:
Sidneyherbert, you should be grateful your myth i'm death and i have no attacks that kill enemeis
in 1 hit sure i have drains, but i have to complete triton avenue, firecat alley, and cyclops lane
before i get good spells!And i need to buy a membership, and if it isnt bad enough ussaly there are
no other death wizards, yeah no one wants a myth but you have golems and minions!Yeah be thankful
your a myth wizard i alaway have to solo it, bye.

James Soulrider lvl. 23 necromancer
You say things like that without even knowing my background. I have a level 67 Death wizard so I have been through that. It's not that hard as long as you know how to play your cards right and as long as you actually DO sidequests to level up faster, this may sound contradictory but it's not. Myth gets all the good cards Celestia+ And i'm in the middle of Mooshu.
Also, on a sidenote, I don't think you read my post completely. My summonings never attack (Except Golem). All they do is buff, therefore I don't use summonings as a 'Plan A'. I hope you realized you're only able to summon one minion at a time, right? So, technically, I don't have 'golems and minions' I have golems OR minions.

Jun 14, 2009
Gabriel 1 savage p... on May 3, 2013 wrote:
ok this my come across as rude, but seriously? myth has kicked my other side so many times in pvp it's not at all funny, yeah i hear you snickering over there myth people!
ok you might think you're weak but really every school has it's own weakness, ok yes balance literally has a spell called weakness, so what? anyway if you hold out until you get basilisk combo that with shatter and you. will. pwn.
i don't like fighting myth srsly don't. when i saw this article i thought it was about how good myth is! you will survive, this game just requires patience.

-gab ashcaller
As I said earlier, Myth is an under-dog school--nobody likes underdog schools when they're questing. You just openly admitted I have to level another 30 rounds for strength (Basilisk combo). Come on, you already know it's true don't contradict yourself.

Jun 14, 2009
NeoNebula17 on May 3, 2013 wrote:
I agree that Myth is the most under-powered school, but for something to be "nerfed", that means that it was better before but the gamemakers lowered its power.
I know what I meant. Before the gigantic level caps, Myth was the second best school with Minotaur but then the level cap rose and Myth just sat there with no significant advancements.

Mar 12, 2013
I've got wizards from all seven schools and have to say, it's been much easier to rip through WC as a conjurer than virtually any of the other classes save fire.

As for high-end spells, myth damage output plateaus a bit but the high-end combat manipulation myth gets, compensates amply for this. Your team experience may vary, but triple blading and trapping only to spend the next turn facing quake then crit minotaur then crit quake is demoralizing at best.

Sadly I wouldn't want to face a lifetime of soloing as myth, this would be a chore.

Apr 20, 2011
RottenHeart on Apr 28, 2013 wrote:
No, I don't see what you mean.

Are you comparing multi-hit spells or level 48 spells? Are you seriously trying to compare schools based on one spell per school? Are you suggesting each school should get similar spells at each level?

Anyway, Myth is doing pretty good with Humongofrog at an early level.
Balance - Sandstorm - level 16 - 255-295 dmg
Ice - Blizzard - level 26 - 250 - 290 dmg
Myth - Humongofrog - level 22 - 265 - 325 dmg
Fire - Meteor Strike - level 22 - 305 - 345 dmg
Storm - Storm Lord - level 48!!!
Death - Scarecrow - level 48!!!
Life - Forest Lord - level 58!!!

Happy Wizarding!
In case it's like this:

Balance- Sandstorm- level 16 - 255-295 dmg
Ice- Blizzard- lvl 26 - 250-290 dmg
Myth. Humongofrog-lvl22-265-325 dmg
Fire- Meteor Strike- lvl 22 -305-345 dmg
Death- Scarecrow - lvl 48
Life- Forest Lord- Lvl 58

Cody GhostEyes lvl 38 Sorcerer
"Honor will always be present"

Oct 30, 2011
sidneyherbert on Apr 23, 2013 wrote:
Myth is the most underpowered school. You may disagree but it's 100% true. Being a Myth wizard (Level 35), almost delete my Myth everytime I finish a spell-quest. See, some of you think that "It gets better", well, sure, but come on, I need to be better NOW and not when i'm already in Celestia. I finished a world and they gave me the FIRST learned spell of Ice Wizards: Stun. Why? If I wanted that, I would've chosen Ice. Okay, I raged, got over it. I beat another world and they give me another useless spell (It could've been useful earlier) Pierce. Previously, I was busting through Myth Shields while the storm enemies kept sending them and NOW they give it to me. Alright, fine "It will be useful later!" you say, however, after beating yet another world, they give me Cleanse Ward, a completely useless 'Deck Filler' card for me, there would be no time where getting rid of one trap could help me that much seeing how it only gets rid of ONE trap, the last trap placed. Don't forget you only get these types of spells every *8* levels. Apparently, Myth is the 'Underdog' of schools and when you're trying to get through quests, nobody needs an underdog. You say "Myth is made for summonings to help you battle!" Well, sure, but I am not the one to depend on AIs all the time. Now you say "If you don't like summonings, don't be Myth!". Woah, hold on, I never said I didn't like sumonings. See, the thing about it is, the only summoning I can depend on to attack all the time is the Golem minion, all the other ones rarely attack and only blade themselves all the time. I would much rather save those 4 pips to use a Humongofrog, which leads me to my next point--
Myth is weak. If you ever played as Myth you'd know that it is 50% harder to fight multiple enemies before obtaining Humongofrog. I had my deck packed with Trolls and Cyclopses. Even then, one of the most simplest battles would take me 8 pip count because of this weakness. When I got Humongofrog things move a lot more smoothly in Krokotopia, all I had to do was Mythblade, Humongofrog, all enemies dead.
But then, I got to Grizzlehiem/Marleybone. It became more difficult seeing as my old strategy wouldn't work I had to constantly convert because my enemies are always Myth and then I had to FIND my Mythblade and Humongofrog burried under all my converts and sheilds. Myth does not focus on attacking. By level 35, you only have 5 attacking spells and they're not even strong, Bloodbat (1), Troll (2), Cyclopse (3), Humongofrog (4), and Minotaur (5). It takes Minotaur just to outpower a StormShark, while Storm already has Kraken and Tempest.
Myth is always flooded with some useless spell, look, I can't even look foward to anything because the next spell I learn is gonna be-- Oh, look ANOTHER MINION. It doesn't even attack the enemy at all, according to my research. And again, i'm probably going to have to beat another Myth boss just to get it, like last time.
Think about life and death.One aoe through out 1-90.Unless you count deer knight.We do not even get an aoe until we are high masters or grandmasters!I am death and it is like impossible to beat enemies without scarecrow.Scarecrow is not even strong.With colossal the base damage is 583.With earthquake the base with colossal is 585.I don't remember humongofrog but I am gonna do the math 325+275=600.What a difference.

Feb 24, 2011
seriously my myth wizard is seriously slackin maybe for the next myth spell it can be an attack all because i'm sure that everyone has noticed starting at zafaria frogs just haven't been getting the job done.

whats up with that!

Mar 18, 2012
I'm sorry, but I disagree. Myth has good spells, and bad spells. But Medusa isn't the only good spell. Myth might be a little weak, but we can take away shields, traps, blades, and lots of stuff. Were really good at PvP, almost unbeatable. (We can be beaten, but I just mean were good.) Anyway, my point is, Myth definitely isn't "The best school" and it isn't "The worst school". It's in the middle. And I think that's what's best about Myth. (Plus, there isn't a best school or a worst school lol)