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Better Advice from the Oracle

Jul 28, 2014
I recently got the Olympian bundle and I got to say; AMAZING!
The house is fantastic, the pet is amazing, and the mount is awesome.
One thing though, the oracle that gives you advice is kinda.... useless.
It says things like, "Don't feed the Humongo Frog!" or "Tenure for Dworgyn!". These things aren't actually advice, they're just random bits of pointless information. I was thinking that it could give good advice that made you think, "Oh, that's a pretty good idea." Advice like, "Always keep a spare deck designed for enemies in your school." or "Upgrading your wand is a good idea, though the spells it gives may not be all that powerful, they are good for getting past shields and finishing off enemies with practically no health." Sometimes it could say something about the story of the game that you can't learn through the main story, like saying "Halston Blamestorm is from Marleybone." or more specifically "Cyrus Drake wasn't always so grumpy, just since the whole Malistare business started." Thanks for your time in reading this, and please consider my argument.