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Best Idea Ever

Jul 21, 2009
achilles398 wrote:
Vilestorm wrote:
An option in settings to toggle on or off "gift beggar warning".

If a wizard has that toggled on, the wizard begging for a gift (text messages "gift") will receive a warning message:
"This wizard does not wish to gift you anything, further messaging this wizard will result in total loss of health"...
...and to add along with half the damage to their health being zapped making them jump back a few meters.
Obviously, if wizard ignores the warning and text messages "gift" again, beggar wizard will fry and die and be sent back to the Commons.

Have a nice day

Alright, now THAT is the best idea ever. I can't tell you how much I want to just zap those little beggars. I mean, really, who do I look like? Santa Claus?

Not really a good idea, Also that's what ignore is for.