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being able to change wizards looks

Sep 27, 2009
why can we not change looks in the game? i mean i have a storm wizard that is level 54 and i do not want to remake a wizard just because i do not like the way it looks. there should be a shop in shopping district or somewhere where you can change the looks. i have seen i think professor greyrose say that we do not know if it is is worth the programing. i say it is i mean many people want to change there looks and i mean anything that make the game better is a good update no?

Jun 13, 2009
So what your basically saying is... you want cosmetic surgery added as a shop to the game? Hahahaha. I can understand a shop to change your hair/hair color but not a shop to change your face and skin color. Pretty sure those are permanent lol.

Mason Greenbane Exalted .

Sep 19, 2013
They are wizards after all. Using a bit of magic to change something like your face structure or skin colour would probably work.
Maybe require the person to do a quest for the shop keepers first before being able to buy "surgery"? And limit it to like, level 20 or 30+?
The ability to change your name would be cool too but I'm assuming that could cause a lot of problems and would never actually be added.

Aug 17, 2013
I think they should also have a shop like that!
In the beginning they give you the face and lips, the "best face" in my opinion has blue eyes, what if someone liked the face but wanted it to have green eyes.
Also they should have a variety of hairstyles, obviously there should be member ones then crowns ones as well. The thing is they already have hair at the shop, but I think some hair should be good as some hats, like the hair should be armor! And lastly I think also at the shop they should allow name changes!!!
Courtney lvl 73

Jul 03, 2012
I would love this! I have a level 51 wizard that came out allot 'darker' than intended. I am not against this, but I'm an albino! I want my character to be albino! I think it would be fabulous for it to be an albino like I am! I'm fine with all the other things with it, like its face, hair color, and stuff, but the skin color is not me! They added hairstyle's, how hard can it be to change the skin? Seriously, you only have the head, neck, and the hands to change. How hard can that be?!? I would literally pay 80,000 crowns for this!(which I don't have) I have wanted this for a long time, please add it! A bunch of people would buy this I bet! Just please, please, please, add this!!!

-Rylee Lvl 100
-Catherine Lvl 51