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Bazaar in every world

Jul 09, 2011
I am in mooshu. while im doing quests my backpack usually fills up, and i go to the bazaar, but its sooooooo far away. and i hate using a regular shop because if i sell something awesome, it gives me only like 200 gold. it would be great if there were closer bazaars

Mar 07, 2012
Well, you could mark your location in the bazaar the next time you visit. :3 And, wait til you get to Celestia, I usually let my stuff overfill ( a lot ) into my bank then when it irritates me enough, THEN I go and sell everything at once. That keeps me from making 2-5 trips a week.

~ Vanessa Rainbowpetal, level 49 theurgist

Mar 24, 2011
there is a trick. mark your location in the bazaar the next time you go. when you run out of space, go there by teleporting. after you are done, go to your house and use the spiral door to get to mooshu. do not forget to mark your location before you leave