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Jun 15, 2013
So I've been thinking about some possibilities to make this game better. And I thought up just now that it's battles! When you are so close to finishing a battle and it has been taking forever and someone joins, it gets you mad! I got so angry because I wasted the last of my mana to kill this guy, and he was dead, but then someone joined my battle. It was so annoying! And then two more people joined after that and I had 97 health left because I couldn't heal myself or do anything without mana. I think they should find a way to give the first player a CHOICE If you don't want help, or if you're close to finishing, and someone joins, it's seriously obnoxious. What if you could run into a battle, and then something pops up on the screen and says that that person wanted to join your battle, and you could like, press yes or no or something. And then if you say no, it tells the other person on the screen and they could go out on their own battle or something.

I don't want it to cause trouble and if it is too hard I'll forget about it, but that's like a huge thing to me. Who else finds this annoying when this person joins your battle? I find it reaaalllly stupid. Makes me go: What?! NO!!!!

I love the game, and I love doing quests, but when you only need one more spell to kill the person and then three people join the battle at the same time it's so infuriating. Who else agrees with me??