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Banks and Houses

Jun 26, 2014
Well xD i'm running out of places to put stuff!

You could even have a pricing system.
Normal - 150k or 1k C
Large(2x) 200k, 1.5k C
Mega (1k) 2.5k crowns.

Then, for houses.
Purchasable weather system via crowns.
1k C each.
Sunny, Snow, Storm, Rain, Ash.
Also, Day, Evening, Night.
They could be added and removed like wallpaper and tiles.
This was inspired because I love the storm weather @ storm house, but don't like the house. So to add that storm to the outside of another home, like myth. would be nice :P

Also, as a returning player from long ago, It saddened me greatly when I heard news that a spectacular form of creativity and community bonding was ripped from the game. That being the ability to use long runners to venture into the skies and beyond the boundaries of your home. Some of the best memories I have when I played before was the fun and challenge of making it up without falling \as well as getting to see the beauty when in the leaves of the life tree, and when standing next to the hammer of the ice giant, etc. Would love to see that feature returned to the game!

- An Archmage Necromancer

Aug 15, 2012
I like your idea about the weather and times but it should be availabe for gold or if not maybe a rare drop from bosses. However, we already have a bank, a shared bank, a backpack, houses to put stuff in, and an attic. Also, if you need to store even more stuff, you can create a character and use it to store even more stuff.

Mar 27, 2011