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Banking & Housing

Jan 31, 2009
I'd like to thank KI for giving us elixers to increase our housing space, and the opportunity to own more houses. This is a great feature of the game for those that enjoy house decorating and gardening. I would like to ask KI to please take into consideration the addition of the following features:
1 - Increase our bank/shared space or give us something to store it in, example, call it a "cold storage unit", like those used for furs, let it hold 100 items, purchase with elixer. With the leveling of wizards and gear, through questing, packs and gift cards, there is not enough room to store it all. I know many wizards, myself included, that have cleaned banks, attics and shared banks as far as they possibly can, and are still out of room. Many will say, you don't need all this gear, I might not need it at this very moment, on that very wizard, but let me use this as an example - old MooShu crown gear, the Masters or Astral sets, sure don't want to sell that, what if I delete a wiz and make a new one, or ask KI to transfer wiz from 1 account to another? This storage may take additional server space, but I would be taking that additional space anyway by purchasing and furnishing additional houses, crafting the MB manniquens and dressing them.
2 - Along with gardening comes seeds, lots and lots of seeds - all taking up backpack/bank/attic space. Please consider classifying all seeds of the same type as 1 item, as is currently done with reagents and snacks, or like the "cold storage unit" suggestion above, give us a gardening shed, purchase with elixer to store these.
3 - Some of the plants make great housing decor, never see a final harvest. How about a spell, or an elixer to keep the plant at the mature stage, looks much better in the setting it's used for in the decor rather than an elder, grey plant.
Thank you KI for reading and considering these suggestions, Happy Holidays to all