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Balance treated unfair!

Nov 17, 2009
wizard10123488 wrote:
Ok, i think Fient should STAY IN DEATH but tower shield maybe be put in Balance. Plz ppl dont yell at me, i just trying to give ideas

And a Balance tower whould be nice :D

Thnx for listening all And KI!!!

8) Luke SkyWalker GrandMaster Sorcerer 8)

buddy, the whole reason that tower shield is ice is this: the strong point of ice is they can survive battles that take forever with their shields and health

Feb 11, 2010
TayD wrote:
Wait till you get judgment and nova!

Balance, to me, is the best and is definitely deserving of the title "Balance"

Balance + balance = YAY BALANCE!!!!!!!!!!
List of spells:
Scarab: level 1
Squorpien: level 5
Locist swarm: level 10
Sandstorm: level 16
Jugement: level 28 ( balance only )
Mander minion: level 18 ( balance only )
Power play: level 22
Spectral blast : level 26
Hydra: level 42
Power Nova : level 48
Ra : level 58
Helping Hand : complet krokospinx ( balance only )
Sap health : air dales highway, Marlybone
Spectral minion : level 38
Reshuffle : Mildred farseer, collosuss blvd.
Donate power : level 33


Jun 16, 2009
I think it's unfair because lots of guys have weakness it's so unfair because every thing has them after WC . Also I'm all ways have to blade people and hex gurtok demon when I fight him if they want to be bladed they should do it they're selfs like us go balance

Tristan WindGlade lv.37 sorcerer

Aug 21, 2010
The schools are all very equal, and who wins in PvP is nothing to do with what school you but, how good you are at the game!

Every school has its disadvantages and advantages so get over yourself, i am storm and every time i start pvp i always hope my opponent is not balance, because i have no shields against balance.

Jan 24, 2010
Judgement is our only good spell. And we have to resort to spectral blast and hydra when faced with a balance boss or other balance enemies. we need a convert too. Plus all he other schools keep "haten" on us becuse they lose when we use judgement. Meenwhile they have a dozen other tricks they can use, while we're stuck with one good spell.

Nov 24, 2009
i so agree with this it is unfair pepole call me weak untill they look at my stats and boostage power balanc owns we rock our stats get super high and our boosting power is incredible stop bulliing balance aand get woith it we own!

Jan 03, 2009
You think balance is treated unfair try ice .People HATE us .we have WEAKER attacks. not weakbalnce is the bomb. You re exotic and awesome but we can SOLO.you cant :( :( :( :( :( :( :x :x :x :x

Cody Sparklemask
Level 37 ICE

Jun 04, 2010
namac5 wrote:
sparky1233334444 wrote:
its not "that powerful" its connection makes it fire is the most powerful

kk ppl i get what your sying but come on we have an entire world that is balance so stop your complaining please we have 2 teachers we get 2 minions we have powerful cards we are the bomb of wizard101 (FYI im pritty sure merle is a balance wizard).

and sure balance and other schools have there ups and down but we need to suck it up and move on!

Nicholas SoulMender lvl 30

Balance & fire Wizard

Nicholas. It's revealed at one point in the game, don't remember where now though, that Merle is a Life Wizard.

Jun 04, 2010
Tvrell wrote:
Balance is not treated unfairly. We sorcerers may not be as offensively powerful as other schools but we are very versatile. Remember, Balance is not as old as the other schools and was created as a harmonic blend by the Order of the Fang.

The only gripe I have about Balance is that I believe we are the only school who should be allowed to use the title 'Order of the Fang' above our heads since it truly belongs to us.

~ Ian Mistweaver 8)
Lev 31 Sorcerer
Order of the Fang

Point of order... it was created by the Manders. The conquering Kroks took it over and the order of the Fang felt that the focus on the elemental group was missing something and splintered off, eventually fighting with the ruling Kroks over political differences.

Feb 01, 2010
dudegorgon2 wrote:
balance is definitely treated worse then the other schools. We don't have a school banner in the libraries, we don't get a school tower, and we don't even get to see are school or the rest of are spells till were in KT.

Mason Ironhorn lv.22 sorcerer
Balance is treated badly, even though i am currently death, i chose balance at first and my friends said balance was totally weak. Maybe you guys can make some more, powerful spells for balance cause balance isn't doing too hot right now

Dec 26, 2009
dudegorgon2 i am a grand death and i am treated worst by far. low level noobs have already got me muted twice. and other high levels and low levels in plaza of conquests are beyond rude. they also annoy me. but i know of kestrel spellgem might be removed from the game from low levels.

Anthony Redflame Grandmaster Death

Sep 08, 2010
dudegorgon2 wrote:
balance is definitely treated worse then the other schools. We don't have a school banner in the libraries, we don't get a school tower, and we don't even get to see are school or the rest of are spells till were in KT.

Mason Ironhorn lv.22 sorcerer
balance has a banner in the library and in krokotopia they have a school of balance they even have there own desks! and tree and teacher!

Jul 23, 2009
Wrong. Balance is respected to the point of being feared in PvP. NO ONE wants to go up against a balance wizard in PvP, because if they are good they can KO you in the first five rounds of the match. They may be treated unfairly, but DEFINATELY not in PvP. Even storm wizards are afraid of them.

Jul 13, 2009
I agree balance is treated unfairly, I wanted to do pvp on my level 21 balance, and nobody joins my side! It was a 2v2 and I had plenty of ppl going against me but no one wuld be on my side! Still, we balance r not weak, I was in the krokospinx by level 18 even though most around me were adepts, and I pwned everything with one balance blade, and one sandstorm. One time I was saving up pips for sandstorm and these two ppl join in and draw too more enemies, not a problem, one round later I killed every single one, they didn't get to lay a finger on them. I do another battle, ppl join right after, I wipe the enemies out (only prob was everything attacked me even though I had mor health (crowns gear)). We r not weak and ppl need to realize this!

BALANCE IS NOT WEAK (especially when we get judgement (can't wait to get judgement))

Amber Sandrunner level 21 balance (I usually post my highest wiz but she isn't balance :P. )