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***Balance Student Club***

Dec 20, 2008
Sorcery is the art of convocation, of mixing all other magics into one—transmutation, transmogrification, the alchemy of Wizardly arts. Ice, Fire, Life, Death, Storm, Myth as individuals they are all powerful—but betwixt and between there is Balance.

Wizards who choose the Balance school discover themselves with a very strange magic indeed. The introductory spells are all the standard spliff of attack monsters, shielding, and the sundry knife and fork of the wizarding experience. But that’s where the direct similarity ends.

Balance wizards receive a number of cards that are meta in effect, instead of having a direct effect like damage, or healing, or defenses, they modify other spells or the balance of power. Balance wizards can shift pips from themselves to other players—they can even increase the chance of receiving power pips. Their spells modify the warp and weft of the universe and can quickly turn the tide of any battle.

In late game the Balance wizard’s use of their power siphoning ability can mean the Fire or Ice mage can pull out their god-stomping doom spells faster than ever before by conserving their pips and pouring them into the waiting wizard. As spell casters, Balance wizards work best in extremely rounded groups and if they can strategically choose who and where to put their buffs and pour power.

Balance is about versatility.

This school is also a favorite secondary school of a lot of the other schools because it compliments just about everything except Myth extremely well. The spells that it provides have both run-of-the-mill application and sometimes niche save-the-day applications for all manner of play styles.

Find the path. Become the spell. Be transformed. Have Balance.

Destiny Nightshade, Master Sorceror