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Balance spells; Time for a Change!

Oct 24, 2012
I think balance would be less op in 1v1 pvp if Kingsisle were to make Loremaster cost 5 pips to get rid of lore spam,
and then make Savage paw 4 pips and lower the damage slightly, It would make PvP better, and take more strategy to get to "warlord". Thoughts?

~A concerned Duelist

Jan 18, 2010
And Mana Burn should remain unchanged?

Apr 29, 2012
Oh good god no. Spammable Savage Paw? No thanks. Damage your opponent and keep buffing the next attack, I don't care how much you nerf the damage, it should stay at 5 pips. Lore spam could be addressed more though, maybe if Lore was moved up to 5 pips and Samoorai was lowered to 4, then we'd just have a single target 4-pip attack to spam; nowhere near as threatening.

Oct 24, 2012
Star Edward on Jan 27, 2017 wrote:
And Mana Burn should remain unchanged?

Mana burn is fine the way it is, as it costs 5 pips and Cannot be enchanted, and you get it so late in the game. But anyone can get Loremaster, It needs to be 5 pips.