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Balance should use only tower shields

Aug 21, 2009
It is obvious that no matter how much outrage the playing community has against the damage balance is able to deal out in a one on one attack without any way to protect against it at all other than a tower shield is never going to be fixed.

Balance has the heaviest hitting one vs one card in the entire game, a judgement card that does 125 damage per pip while balance gear has all sorts of additional pip chance built into it, and the only defense is a tower shield or a curse card to reduce damage and at that amount of damage nothing stops the 1vs1 kill, expecially if balance has death as their second school.

If the other schools can not use shields to protect against balance attacks, then balance characters should not be allowed to ever have any type of shield other than tower shields ever placed upon them. If balance can use or have fire shields, storm shields, life shields, ice shields, myth shields, then there is no balance at all to their having no shielding against them.

So I suggest either giving everyone a shield only against balance school (tower shields are broken off of us by any attack meaning it is near impossible to even have a tower shield up comes balance's turn), or make it so the only protection shield balance can ever have upon them is the tower.

Sep 21, 2009
Judgement is not the most powerful spell in the game; Heckhound and Tempest are both more powerful. Why? Balance has only a handful of traps and blades: Balanceblade, Curse, Feint, Hex, and the Bladestorm Balanceblade. Heckhound and Tempest have all of those boosts, plus school boosts, plus the Elemental Blades/Traps. Simply put, there is no shield because you cannot boost Judgement as much as the other two spells. Making Balance only use Tower Shield would ruin the whole point of the Balance class; even the name implies that Balance takes from all of the other schools. That is why we have shields for every school (and weak ones at that, only 50%).
Hope this helped.

Aug 21, 2009
tempest is a great spell but it is a multi attack spell and not a 1v1 spell, pip per pip 1v1 judgement is way stronger than tempest is, and in pvp it is near impossible to lay down traps due to all the shielding going on and time involved in setting and layering up traps, even in game play traps are messed up easily enough

For all of storms power, it strugles to get off clean attacks due to all the defenses against it, which is why storm needs massive damage in order to allow it to do some damage by attacking a bit over the defenses. Balance gets a stronger 1v1 card and does not have to contend with any such defenses making its 1v1 attacks with judgement much stronger than it ever should be for a school that in all likelihood should have middle of the road attacks with no real defenses against such middle of the road attacks.