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Balance needes a change!

Jul 26, 2009
HondaAccord59 wrote:
catboy2197 wrote:

Personally, I don't understand how it's balance's fault you can't solo battles. And the shields are supposed to be used, not all spells are attack. If you want attack you should be storm, but in my opinion storm focuses too much on attack. I think balance is just fine the way it is.

OMG, will you leave this guy alone! It's his opponion! He can say they can't fight solo, Oh well! We don't even know what this guy is wearing?

And Storm I think is the best! Fizzleing for me is RARE!!! I almost never FIZZLE! Only 3 out of 10 times I would fizzle... Not bad if you ask me... The only downside is the health... But, more damage and you'll kill the enimy quicker! And I'm also life! So if I do get low on my health I can heal myself!

Personally, I think your over reacting to this problem, catboy2197!!

Colin FrostGlade

Yes, it's his opinion, and THIS is MY opinion. Everyone has an opinion. When I use storm spells, I often have to use all three of the copies, because the first 2 fizzle (I know because storm used to be my secondary school, but I changed to life because I thought it would be more useful for me, and it was.) It's perfectly fine that you like storm the best, it's just your playing style. I'm ice and that's my playing style, so storm for me wouldn't work. I don't think that the schools should be changed because then that would ruin it for all the people who like that school's playing style.

No offense, but I think it's YOU who's over reacting.

Apr 28, 2010
When I made my first experimental wizards to learn the game, the quiz kept telling me Balance, so I made a Balance-Life wizard that has worked out very well so far, including soloing bosses. I sometimes feel a little short in damage, but Balance-Life shines for both endurance and versatility.

My few complaints about Balance are aesthetic:

- No Balance school in Ravenwood. Just a teacher standing around, like my school is an afterthought.
- Don't like the Egyptian head thing on the Locust Swarm spell. Wish it had a different animation.