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Feb 17, 2011
In the Ravenwood tour, the balance teacher says balance is one of the most strongest classes. I had a balance wizard which i ended up deleting because of how weak they are. They either need to make the balance higher, or change what the balance teacher says.

Nov 21, 2013
"Balance is more advanced than the other schools and harder to master, but its power is unbelievable." You should have given it more time! Balance is one the most diverse and supportive schools in the game. An ability to hit with all schools = powerful, easy leveling.

Jul 13, 2013
Um...how far did you get in the game? Because Balance takes patience, and you should see the Judgement spell. You also get a lot of blades and traps to use to make your spell stronger.
If you deleted that account, you are not a true Balance wizard because you were not patient enough to wait.
I used to hate Balance, but now I realize, it is the best school out there. You get the second-most health, an x pip spell at a pretty low level, and you get blades and stuff.
Storm and fire: Fizzles and not enough health.
Ice and Life: Good health, but Ice has bad attacks and Life gets you healing spells
Death and Myth: Death is okay, I don't really like Myth, I mean, you get minions, but low health and not that good accuracy.
Mryna Dragoncloud, level 49 , and soon to be .

Apr 22, 2012
Mar 13, 2014
Most threads that complain "balance is weak" attract naysayers moaning that balance is overpowered in PvP. Well, to some degree that is true, balance is very hard to stop in PvP. But the primary focus of the game isn't PvP, its questing. You can progress to level 100 without ever enterring the PvP arena but you can't ever advance past level 1 without questing.

My highest level wizard is balance, and I will say that it is a school that is hard to solo with. Partly because the attack spells are weak on a per pip basis, but more because of the limited selection of damage modifying spells. Balance blade is the weakest school blade in the game at 25%. Storm blade is 30%, not a problem for storm with the many other modifier spells available, and all other schools are at least 35%. Balance does not have a bubble that increases damage, nor a multi-target trap. You do get bladestorm, but burning a pip for a measly 20% damage bonus is hardly a good deal. "Balance is OP" naysayers will chime in "you get elemental and spirit blades for free, other schools have to pay training points!" So what, those only cost the other schools 1 lousy TP and are far more useful to them than they are to balance. All in all, with one exception, balance attacks used by a soloing balance wizard are the weakest in the game; even life and ice can do more raw damage than balance. The one exception, of course, is Judgement, which when you first get it, has awesome potential, being an X spell you can dump a full set of pips into. But even Judgement begins to pale later in the game when other schools get 8 and 9 pip spells. And the lack of a balance prism makes fighting balance bosses a whole different and daunting process for you than fighting same school bosses with other schools.

Balance, however is known as a great support school, and there is reason for that. In a group, balance is highly useful. In PvP balance is deadly. For solo questing ... you are better off with any other school in the game.