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Badge Idea.

May 08, 2009
I know that each badge has a character on them that represent a Boss or that’s what it seems like so far. In each of the towers where these characters are there is a locked gate for what I am guessing future expansion. Anyway here is the pitch. I will use the Undead Badges as the example because it has a really high count required for the last badge (2000).
The first undead badge is the Undead Stalker with Lady Black Hope on it. A person would equip that badge and go to the tower and battle Lady Black Hope. If the player has her badge active during the battle the tower gate would open to the next level of the tower upon beating her. The next level could possibly be Lady Black Hope again but twice as strong or just have more things to battle against (3 instead of 2). If that level was beaten then an item or key (Undead Hunter Key) would be given to would be used to unlock the gate of the next towers boss.
The next badge for the Undead would be the Undead Hunter with Rattle Bones on it. Once again have that badge active while Battling Rattle Bones. Upon beating him and using the item or key earned from the Lady Black Hope battle you unlock the gate to go to the next level of that tower.
After earning all the badges for that area (Undead Series) the last battle could have a reward like rare pet that added a 1% pip to the characters stats and a spell. A few more badges could be added to make the top one 2000 for all areas like the undead. As the Series of badges are completed the pet earned at the end of each series could be a made a little stronger.
That’s just one of many thoughts I am sure for using badges.
Thank you for your time. Please comment and add thoughts.

Feb 19, 2009
May 08, 2009
Thanks, I was really hoping that I would get some feed back from others to see if they would give thier point of view on it. Good but....or it wont work because ....... Oh well. I am suprised that people read it because it is a long post.

Feb 19, 2009
yea, i been ALL over the forums lately so i been reading pretty much every new post lolz. Mainly because i hate this new upgrade. It is making my computer go slow and the mounts are WAY over price in gold. Plus subscribers need benefits. i hate all these problems lately :?

Mar 22, 2009
This sounds pretty cool, best suggestion I've seen in a while, might need some minor tweaking for some of the badges but a great concept none-the-less.

Another spin on this idea and could easily be applied as the card for the pet, let the card given be the depicted boss as a minion. In your Blackhope example you would get a ghost with the Lady Blackhope Minion card, with Rattlebones you get a little armored skeleton with a Rattlebones Minion card.

The pets wouldn't be as unique as the ones you had in mind but would be easier to balance with the game. Could you imagine summoning some of the later bosses as your minion o.O it just makes me twitch thinking about it lol

... oooooooooooo ... Gurtok Demon Minion and all the other oni ...

Oh great now I got to clean the drool off my keyboard :(

Ofcourse this wouldn't apply to the main world bosses ... or could it be nice to use Meoweority Minion card against all those life based opponents in Mooshu :P

Just adding my thoughts to an already great idea :D

Feb 27, 2009
I know you dont want bad feedback so i wont say any more than this: Its not my favorite idea i've seen.

Mar 01, 2009
That has to be one of the most original ideas i've seen. I for one like it. It presents a challenge.

To go a bit further; as the level of the wizard rises, so should the health of the bosses in the various stages of the badge towers.

As for the reward: Keep any reward for the final badge boss, have all the others only give up gold.

May 08, 2009
Thank you for the feedback, I would like to hear your negative feedback also. I am very open to getting everyones real opinions on it. Thank you for your time

Please give feedback

Sep 09, 2009

My idea for a new badge:

I survived the latest improvments and didn't go broke badge.