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Backpack Space Needs 2 Change

Dec 04, 2013
First of all; thank you for reading this. Please consider my argument with an unbiased opinion. KI and Wizard101 players hold the right to further help this plan by making minor changes or any else that is needed.

With that clarified, I shall begin: Imagine standing in your home inside your friend's bedroom. You have to move the bedroom, but there is a ton of stuff. You begin, but you've only picked up two items when a banner appears reading:Your Backpack is Full. And so, with a heavy heart, you take the items upstairs two by two. Two hours later, your done. You now stand in the new room and call your friend to have her help you organize it the way she wants it to be. It's a very slow process, and finally, after 40 minutes, the room is made. But guess what? You have two more to do.

Now imagine yourself in a battle with Malistaire the Undying. Your team just killed. Malistaire falls to a storm Art spell and the battle ring fades, leaving you and your team rejoicing with a victory dance. You glance at the side of your screen and see that YOU GOT THE MALISTAIRE WAND! You already have the hat, boots, and robe. You've been farming for the wand for weeks now, and you finally have it! (We've all experienced this joy before, right?) And, suddenly, you get a message from Mr. Lincoln in the side of the screen. You frown and open it, only to find: Your bank and backpack are full. We are sorry to inform you that these items have been Quick Sold. (Those arent the exact words, but thats the main point.) Now you're totally bummed and you debate with yourself whether or not to rage quit the game.

Both of these examples are scenes from my gaming experience. Sucks, right? I am here to tell you that this is a common problem. I personally took a pole--no joke, I did--and 78.6% of players have had this problem sometime in their time spent gaming. I believe it's about time for these statistics be known to the 22.4% of players unaware of this issue.

I propose the following plan: Expand the amount of backpack space--or bank space--as a player advances through the game. Starting at level 100, the backpack space amount should increase by 5\10. I propose this plan with the statistic knowledge that it will help the majority of Wizard101 players in: House decorating; farming; crafting; setting decks and gear systems; and other activities within the game of Wizard101.

Thank you for your time. If you have any questions, I will gladly answer them under this trend. Merry Christmas, my friends; I shall see you out in the Spiral.

~Stephanie WildHunter~

Sep 19, 2013
Why not just check your backpack before going into Malistaire and empty items accordingly? We can increase space, but then pack rats will just fill their packs back up and we'll have the same problem.

Mar 31, 2009
first of all your percentage adds to 101% not 100%

second this is is easily solved without the need of making it bigger
just clear out your backpack every so often

who cares about maliastaire stuff anyway

and lastly you said need..... YOU SAID NEED!..... whats the difference between want and need! i have to say this to everyone, whats the difference to can't and won't.... whats the difference to can and will.... WHATS THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN NEED AND WANT!

now thats cleared up..... your backpack will still fill up even if its size gets trippled

Apr 29, 2012
Instead of this, I think that your bank should have an 'Item Safe', that store 10 items extra if your backpack & bank are full. But items shouldn't be able to be placed in here, so it's not extra room, but a (excuse my pun) fail-safe.

Dec 25, 2009
I have 80 backpack space.

It gets filled so fast, It's sad.

So, I would like an increase based on level. How about every 10 levels, members get 10 backpack space. Crown Players (me) get 5. Seems fair.

Mar 31, 2013
I agree with Shadow343! With 6 characters at various levels I am reticent to sell or trash gear that each character may need once they get to a certain level. So the banks are full, the attics almost full, the shared bank usually only has 10 slots to move things between my characters.

Perhaps have a second shared bank for pets, mounts, and seeds and another for gear? I would even be happy to purchase an additional bank or craft a "closet."

I'm currently into decorating my houses and like Shadow343 said, I'm relegated to moving items 2 at a time.

Thanks KI!

May 22, 2010
I propose perhaps getting a "temporary storage box". This may be a box that if your too full in your backpack and too full in your bank this box will appear in a side bar of your screen (much like your gift icon). A safe place to keep said items until you sort them.
Perhaps this box will have a timer much like crafting/pet hatching/mount rentals ect. I think this would allow the players to not have to stress about losing their items but have the time to get rid of unwanted items in their bank and or backpack. A timer such as 24 hours would be plenty enough time for the player to rearrange and swap out anything in their bank/inventory. Note that this 24 hours would start as soon as you receive the first item that would normally be quick sold. After the 24 hours I think it's fair to say that any remaining items in the temporary storage box would be quick sold.
As for running out of inventory space when your building in your house. If your going to build and rearrange things in your houses, take the liberty of cleaning space in your inventory before going to do so. Kingsisle has increased the storage limit to a fair amount (if you are member). Those playing with crowns as they journey through the spiral would have extra sorting and cleaning to do if they wanted to move things around.
Hope this was somewhat helpful!

Travis Mooncloud
Level 110 Pyromaniac