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Aura Spells

Jul 08, 2010
Last night I was thinking of new spells, and got the idea for an Aura spell. It would be a simple, yet effective spell in battle that would increase attack and resistance to your school. Effect would be based on pip use (X pip spell), where each pip gives 1-5% attack and resistance (I would suggest 2 or 3% per pip).

If the effect is 2% per pip, a 3 power pip casting for a life wizard would grant:

12% boost in Life attacks
12% Resistance to incoming life attacks.

Even a 14 pip cast would not unbalance the game, as global spells grant near same bonus percentage:

28% Life attack bonus
28% Life resistance

The effect would only work on the caster, though friends or other person could certainly be used. This would be effective for a higher level spell, as I am sure enemies will be much harder to kill.