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Atmosphere/Game Improvements

Jan 31, 2011
Hey, I have been playing Wizard101 for a while now and I love it. The only thing though is that I wish the worlds would have more character, so I had the idea for atmosphere.

Atmosphere is basically just atmosphere. An example would be put lots more mist and fog in Mooshu. Or make Marleybone smokey and smoggy.

Another idea I had was to add shadows to world objects. In the Wizard City, Commens there is a tree near the pond, but there is no shadow. I feel like the game would look much nicer with shadows. There could be an option for shadows to. Low/Med/High detail.

And the last thing is updates on the early game outfits. One of the hats in Wizard City has a feather sticking out, the only thing is that the feather looks like a cardboard cuttout (no offence.) And just a few other/minor details.

--Lucas Firedust

Aug 15, 2012
In my opinion, the smoke and fog in Marleybone would just lead to more people getting caught in battle, an already existing problem of its own. All the other ideas seem fine though.

May 02, 2010
I agree with this, I'd love to be able to look at the sky and actually see HD sky with clouds or mountains/trees (for example in grizzlhiem) appear more 3d and have more depth. Particles and debris would also make the game much more interesting and over all more enjoyable to play!