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Astral School/Spell ideas

Mar 09, 2009
Post whatever ideas for the Astral schools/spells you have.

Here are mine.

Sun Magic (Solargists)

Sun is energy. Our activity is enhanced by the Sun. Sun wizards, called Solargists, are active, energetic, and always ready to go. However, they sometimes become impatient or hyper due to their high amounts of energy. Solargists use "Rays" to provide energy to others and make them more active. The Sun School will teach its wizards to deal considerable damage, as well as heal themselves and others decently. Sun wizards will also learn a spell that removes multiple helpful charms from a foe.

Moon Magic (Lunamancers)

Moon is relaxation. It's because of the Moon that we can sleep well at night. Moon wizards, called Lunamancers, are able to calm others down and avoid senseless fights, but they can sometimes be too lazy, and their appetite can get the best of them. Lunamancers use "Lullabies" to lull furious beasts to sleep. The Moon School will teach its wizards to survive with decent defenses and base health points. They can also cause a foe's attack spell to backfire and attack them instead of the intended target.

Star Magic (Astromancers)

Star is surprise. The Stars provide the ability to bring forth the unexpected. Star wizards, called Astromancers, are able to surprise their foes and pull pranks successfully. Be careful -- there's no telling when a nasty surprise will occur. Astromancers use "Roulettes" to pull something that no enemy can see coming. The Star School will teach its wizards a few health-stealing spells, as well as one that removes multiple wards from a foe. However, they mainly focus on spells whose results are random.

Please post any and all Astral ideas you have!