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Astral school idea

Jul 17, 2009
Well there has been lots of rumors about a new astral school and a new world (Celestia). If this is true, then I have a suggestion. I think the new astral school should be only available to people who have completed Celestia/every other world in the spiral.

I know some players might find this unfair, but players who haven't gotten that far in the game yet can choose it as a secondary. If you choose this school for a main school, people will notice that you have beaten the game on another wizard.

My other suggestion is that Gamma could be the trainer of the astral magic until you get to Celestia. She is currently in Ambrose's Tower.

Please post feedback :)

Jul 19, 2009
Actually, here is what i think:

You will progress through Celestia, adding more astral school cards to your deck. (after you get through a certain point in Celestia, you will get a new astral school card each time)

Every card has 55% accuracy
Power pips count for all schools.
Balance Blade does not count for this school.
Hex/Feint/Curse does not count for it either.
Blade Storm does not count for this school.
Tower shield counts.

Point A: Astral Blade: + 20% to all astral moves. (0 pips)
Point A: Vacuum Suction: 675 - 785 (7 pips)
Point B: Astral shield: -50% to astral + -50% to balance( 0 pips)
Point B: Star shot: 800 - 900 ( 8 pips)
Point C: Black Hole: 875 - 1015 (9 pips)
Point D: Astral blade storm: + 10% to all astral spells (1 pip)
Point D: Spacial Rend: 995 - 1255(10 pips)
Point E: End of the Universe: 500 + 1750(11 pips)
Point F: End of Time: 2000 - 3500(12 pips)
Point G: Time Warp: 2500 - 4000 (14 pips)
Point F: The reset of Time: 5000 + 7000 - 6000 + 9000 (15 pips)

Hope you like it. :)

p.s. I know this school looks like it is the most powerful school, but i made it to look that way.

Feb 08, 2009
That would be very exciting but after what world would you unlock? I would think Marleybone since it would push people to finish it and not give up.