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Ask for help button

Mar 31, 2014
Sometimes you have to duel enemies until you collect X amount of items - it can take long and frankly a bit lonely & boring (e.g. fight 2 sharks at a time until you collect 3 items).

So instead of asking via chat "wanna help" one friend at a time why not have a button in the friends window. Then you can specify how many friends you need, up to 3.

For this example let's say I specify 1.

Friends (one by one in case you specify 1) will then see a small icon above health (like transformation icon) it will last for 30 seconds. They can click it and see:
You friend [friend name] with level [level number] needs help in [map] YES or NO. If yes they teleport.

If no another friend sees the icon (or when 30 seconds expire).

This is not invasive to friends since it's small icon and lasts just 30 seconds.

In case you specify that you need 3 friends, then only up to 3 friends at a time see the icon (so there won't be like 6 people saying yes and teleporting).

Other possible options in the window: specify a level range (in case you need only high level friends) and specify whether it's a duel or a dungeon.

Of course this is specifically for help with duels/dungeons not if you need help with general quests like finding smiths.

Benefits: you can finish quest quickly, have friends helping, less boring, etc
For friends: they have something new to do.