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Arcane bundle praise and requests.

Aug 21, 2013
Okay first, want to say that I just LOVE the new house (and the bazaar tapestry!) from the Arcane bundle. I got it on the first day that I knew it was out (May 30th) and have been fiddling with it ever since. It's a glitchers dream come true (very easy to float items in the air for example) and it really allows for a persons creativity to come out. I've changed my house to what many claim is nice looking though I think it's just 'okay' (not being modest, I really do think it's just 'okay'). In the tours, I've seen some rather impressive designs and I believe that it's one of the best ideas I've seen in awhile.

Okay so, a few requests to make things better...

1. Allow people to choose which estate they will get when redeeming the house in the game (Midday, etc) as well as which set of houses they will get.
2. You know the area near the spiral door? Would LOVE to be able to put a few items there. Same with some of the grassy areas on the edge of the estate next to the water and with the area above the cave. :D
3. I assume that each one comes with the bazaar tapestry. What if someone doesn't want another one though? I believe a person should be given a choice of tapestries. Bazaar, Aquila (to Garden of Hesperides) and one other, perhaps to Haunted Cave.
4. A way to 'save' the current design and be able to load it later. Save up to three designs that can be loaded and would affect both inside and outside. Also perhaps introduce a selection of 'premade' houses that people can pick from at any time. (See below.)
5. An 'undo' feature to undo the last three (house block) changes made.
6. Offer extra blocks (bundles of blocks) for purchase.
7. Have a special attic for block pieces. As it is, it's hard to pick up and move pieces because of limited backpack/attic space.
8. Allow pieces to be turned in eight positions instead of just four.
9. Consider making 'flex pieces', where the player can select how the piece looks. For example, a door piece could be an archway or doors that open or doors that fade away (player picks which one it is and can change it at any time). The options would be limited to size and type (can't get a door from a window for example).
10. Make it so that 'secret' walls are truly secret. By that I mean that for the house owner, they appear as they are now. For visitors, they appear like regular walls. They can still go through the secret passage but it wouldn't look like one.
11. Have 'ceiling only' pieces to compliment the 'floor only' pieces.
12. Make it so the first hill can be climbed (as you already can with the hill above it).

Re: #4. Could hold a contest for house designs and the top designs could be default choices people can pick at any time based on what pieces they have available. Could pick inside/outside independently.

All in all, great bundle. I look forward to some of the above being implemented. Thanks.

Mar 27, 2011
These are great ideas! I'd get it for sure if it had the choice of style and Garden of Hesperides tap. I wanted the Meadows theme but no-go on buying two.

Sep 18, 2010
~ The Arcane Bundle; a Bundle for "Decorators" everywhere in the Spiral. The Castles are beautiful, but to get the one we want may require a large investment. And not everyone can afford such a large investment to get the Meadows at Dusk or the Night Garden. Thus, I plead that KingsIsle can rethink their whole marketing procedure and just allow us to choose the House we want regardless of the blocks provided. After all, they've already provided the Official Fansites with codes for the Night Garden and the Meadows at Dusk. And the thing that annoys me the most about this is that the paying customers can't choose the Castle they want yet people who simply enter a contest and don't have to pay anything at all can get the Castle of their choice. ~

~ So I either hope KingsIsle can let us choose which Castle we want or they could allow us to choose the Castle we want and have the Blocks be a separate Gift that we can redeem only on the Wizard with the Arcane Castle. And then once we redeem the Blocks that would normally be apart of the Midday Estate ((or the other two Castles)) they'll instantly set themselves up in their original format of the Castle that we chose. ~

Note: The first Arcane House you redeem you'll receive the Midday Estate Blocks, upon redeeming the next House ((if on the same wizard)) you'll receive the Blocks from the Meadows at Dusk, and so forth.

~ To conclude I'd like to thank anyone that read my proposition and I'd be glad to read and respond to anyone if they have any questions, comments, concerns, constructive criticism, etc. ~

~Sincerely, Umbra ShadowHunter...

Nov 10, 2012
This is an absolutely lovely idea. I sure hope they put this in the game.